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    We Watched "Pretty Little Liars" Season 7, Ep 17 And Here's What We Thought

    Still better than the Grey's Anatomy musical episode.

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    1. Omg I feel like I’ve tuned into the wrong show all of a sudden.

    2. Watching Ezra dance is so, so uncomfortable.

    3. God, their wedding is going to suck. Can it just happen off screen?

    4. Omg Ezra’s brother. Another character who was introduced, was central to the plot, then completely forgotten about.

    5. Why doesn’t Aria just come clean to Ezra, and then A.D. won’t have anything on her? Oh, right. Because that would be the logical thing to do. Aria would never.

    6. I love that Aria is just having this FaceTime with A.D. in a public place not even wearing headphones, these bitches never learn.

    7. After all this time, Ezra's finally on the brink of being called out for being a predator.

    8. “Hanna, did I wake you?” OK Fury you dumb cop, she’s holding a cup of coffee, that shit doesn’t make itself. Trust me, I know.

    9. Just when I thought he was the best detective in Rosewood.

    10. “Why do you live in a hotel Caleb?” - Marco, why does Hanna live in Lucas’s loft? Why do we have no idea where Emily lives right now? Like, who knows why these people live where they live.

    11. Ali’s gone to see Jason, but also where is he, what’s he been doing, why has he been so absent?


    12. Are we supposed to believe that Olivia Benson and Slut Daddy have held onto that Radley baby blanket for 25 years? And nosey-ass Spencer has only found it now?

    13. “When we leave here, we’re not leaving any bits behind,” says Peter Hastings. Except maybe the 100 biological children he doesn’t know about.

    14. Poor Mona knows more than all of these girls put together, they need to just accept her help.

    15. Spencer only doesn’t want Mona there because she’s the only one who can challenge her intelligence.

    16. Mona sounds like all of the fans of PLL. “I have a short list of suspects.”

    17. Except my list is probably a huge fucking scroll of every lame character that’s even been introduced and then disappeared, because who even knows anymore.

    18. Remember Andrew’s farm? Remember Holden from like four episodes ago? Exactly.

    19. OK Mona mentioned Jenna and Mary, so obviously neither of them are A.D.

    20. Caleb’s got some balls lying to Mama Marin. Another character who has been conspicuously absent, considering she manages a very successful hotel which is central to the plot of the show.


    21. Thankful the Wine Mom budget has been brought back for this episode, 50% of the moms is better than none.

    22. So Mary killed Jessica?

    23. Lmao at deranged Slut Daddy wildly smashing things, then disappearing into the night.

    24. Olivia Benson don’t call the police! You ARE the police, solve the crime!!!

    25. Mona is coming THROUGH with the information! Queen of following leads and actually being motivated to figure shit out.

    26. Finally we’re gonna start getting things done and getting some answers.

    27. Also I’m not sure why Mona told Emily to “dress appropriately”, as if Emily hasn’t been dressed like a stereotypical lesbian in EVERY episode for the last six seasons.

    28. “Honestly I just wanted to make a commitment to somebody I loved,” Ezra says after being AWOL visiting his ex-girlfriend for weeks on end.

    29. Emily and Mona are a better couple than Emily and Alison will ever be.

    30. This doctor honestly looks like he could BE their child if they were actually a real couple wanting to have children. As in, he looks about 10.


    31. Where is Hanna? What is this shady shack she’s at?

    32. Also she’s being a rude little hoe to that nice park ranger.

    33. Diiiiid Spencer just realize that Aria was behind that phone-placing stunt?

    34. I fkn hope so, I’m so over Aria being a double-crossing snake.

    35. YES Spencer, tell Olivia Benson about the game! She’ll have resources! Get Ice-T/Detective Tutuola onto that case!

    36. Wow he brought up the book, all these problematic Ezra storylines are coming out to play.

    37. Bring up the time you asked Aria to go get chickpeas WHEN YOU ALREADY HAD THEM IN THE CUPBOARD, EZRA!

    38. Can you believe that a week ago Fury and Spencer were fucking and now they’re having petty arguments in the street? The relationships on this show are nuts.

    39. Also I know Toby is grieving over his dead fiancé or whatever, but surely he could help a girl out with her murder accusation?

    40. LOST WOODS RESORT?! What a throwback.

    41. Didn’t A have a lair there at one point? Or was Ali living there or something?

    42. Does this mean something or is it just the designated shady meeting place in Rosewood?

    43. Why did Mary try to trick Slut Daddy Hastings into thinking she was Jessica? I do not understand the motive.

    44. This flashback of Mary and Peter, then Jessica just popping up… Was Jessica coming over for a late night rendezvous with Daddy H? That’s the real answer I want.

    45. Also I do not understand what Mary is offering Spencer.


    46. OMG HALEB YES FUCK ME UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    47. But also... Hanna didn’t say yes? Was Caleb just trying to distract Mama Marin from the fact they committed a crime in her hotel?

    48. IMAGINE if Caleb was A.D. and he was marrying Hanna so she couldn’t testify against him lmao.

    49. I wish.

    50. Oh great another black and white dream sequence.

    51. WAIT. WHAT IS HAPPENING????????? Am I suddenly watching Glee????


    53. Imagine Aria being like “Oh hey Mona I had a dream you were a prison warden and you watched Ezra get beat up WHILE SINGING and then me and Ezra got married by Olivia Benson!”.

    54. Never in all my years of watching trashy TV (and I am AN EXPERT, I tell you) have I seen something SO BIZARRE AND OUT OF PLACE.

    55. I don’t even know what Aria’s looking for in The Brew now, I’m too shook by that musical number.

    56. Mona and Emily GETTING THINGS DONE!

    57. Mona better get a spin-off after PLL is done. Especially now that we know she can sing and dance.


    58. Slut Daddy dragging Spencer for getting hoodwinked by Mary Drake is veeerrryyy hypocritical.

    59. Poor Olivia Benson, her career has been ruined by her shitty husband and shitty daughter.

    60. She needs to let that man go.

    61. I’m not quite sure why Aria is so relieved to have her Ezra-shaming document back from A.D.. Doesn’t she know that photocopiers exist?

    62. Why does Caleb think that bringing Hanna CAMPING would be something she would enjoy? She is the least nature-loving person ever. Last time she went camping she nearly got run over.

    63. Omg they’re re-enacting that first night they slept together in the woods! I wonder if that’s the same tent.

    64. I LOVE THEM. The only good couple on this show tbh.

    65. How did A.D. even get that recording of Mary and Peter? They must have been playing a LONG GAME.

    66. A.D.’s only been after the girls since the time jump. Surely they didn’t have the foresight to record a conversation six years ago just in case it came in handy.

    67. Aria logic: “If I dress in a hoodie to put the puzzle piece in, no one will suspect anything.”

    68. Omg yes I knew Mona would have a comprehensive set up going on, what a queen.

    69. It feels like they’re trying to make her look guilty, but I honestly just think this is her way of getting to the bottom of everything, and protect the rest of the clueless Liars.


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