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This "Sex And The City" Sketch With Kristin Davis Is Painfully Awkward

Davis appeared on Sunrise to talk about her work with refugees.

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Actor Kristin Davis is currently in Australia and joined the crew of Sunrise this morning, where hosts Sam Armytage, Natalie Barr and Edwina Bartholemew acted out a sketch from Sex and The City with her.

"This is a first. I have NEVER done this..." - @KristinDavis @sunriseon7 #sun7

The actress appeared on Sunrise to talk about her work with refugees and her role as a UNHCR supporter.

Look where I am! Parliament House, Canberra, AU with @UNrefugees #UNHCR @Refugees

Things went a little awry though, when the hosts donned wigs and acted out a scene from popular show Sex and The City.


While Davis took it in good humour at the time, fans took to Twitter to express their annoyance at the awkward segment.

@sunriseon7 @KristinDavis oh dear! Poor @KristinDavis! What you had to put up with. You charity work is inspirational.

@KristinDavis So sorry you had to put up with that rubbish. Please don't think that the rest of us in Aus are all like that... X

@sunriseon7 @KristinDavis while I enjoyed the throwback, Kristin's humanitarian work is way more exciting than my fav show. Talk about that

@KristinDavis just wow. That was the worst piece of TV I've ever seen. Kristin, you and your charity work is great. ❤️ Shame @sunriseon7 😡

@sunriseon7 @KristinDavis shame that Kristin came to talk about something important... 😕

In a now-deleted tweet, Sunrise posted a picture from the set with the caption, "What's going on here?" to which Davis quickly retorted "I could ask you the same thing."