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    17 Things All Girls With A Male BFF Can Relate To

    No, we're NOT dating.

    1. You get asked by strangers if you're dating.



    2. Except the idea of dating him actually horrifies you.


    3. So you've often described him as "being like a brother."


    Which is actually completely honest.

    4. When it comes to dating someone else, it's imperative they get along with your BFF.


    If they aren't secure with your friendship, then they need to go.

    5. And you get excited when he starts dating someone awesome.

    Screen Gems

    Because his happiness is also your happiness.

    6. Though you still make sure you guys make time just for each other.


    7. Your BFF is the best person to go to when it comes to talking about boy problems.


    They speak the confusing guy code.

    8. And it also makes you the best one to dish out girl advice to them.


    9. You never have to worry about softening your words when talking to your BFF.

    If they're behaving like a shit human, you'll tell them in those exact words.

    10. And they don't get scared to tell it how it really is either.


    So, really, they're the best people to go shopping with.

    11. They explicitly tell you all the confusing shit about guys and hormones that you wouldn't be able to learn anywhere else.


    12. And you've definitely tried to explain to them all things girl-related that they find confusing.

    Warner Bros.
    Warner Bros.

    "So every month you just... bleed?!"

    13. Some of your other girl friends don't necessarily understand the bond between you guys.

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    14. But that's totally fine, because you get it.


    15. There's no such things as boundaries in any aspect of your friendship.


    16. In fact you're probably a little too open and comfortable around him.


    17. And finally, you know that no matter what you'll always have each other to lean on.

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    Because that's what friends are for.