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    Posted on 19 Sep 2016

    23 Fashion Mistakes All Aussie Girls Made In The '00s

    Look, we all turned bright orange from Johnson's fake tan at some stage.

    1. Rainbow toe socks.

    2. Material belts to team with your super cool, super faded flared jeans.


    3. Ra-ra skirts, in bright colours or denim if your heart desired.


    4. Slogan tees from Supre.

    5. And Supre bags to carry your school things around in.

    Mainly your P.E. uniform.

    6. Ballet flats that fell apart after three wears.

    7. ~Slut~ strands.

    Channel 7 / Via

    8. Overly-plucked eyebrows.

    9. French manicures with your Wite-Out pen or tape.

    10. Layers and layers of mascara.

    11. And numerous applications of Johnson's "gradual" fake tan.

    12. Wearing bikinis under singlet tops, even if you weren't swimming.

    Channel 7

    13. Small pleather handbags, probably branded with Roxy or Billabong.

    14. Bright pink, red, green, blue, or yellow skinny leg jeans from Jay Jay's.

    15. These weird beanies with a brim.

    Justin Goff / Getty Images

    16. Uggs. Especially pale pink ones.

    17. Folded off-the-shoulder tops.

    Jessica Silverstein / Getty Images

    18. And whatever the fuck this was?!

    19. Footless tights under dresses or mini-skirts.

    20. Shrugs. So many different coloured shrugs.

    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

    21. Cropped vests.

    Evan Agostini / Getty Images

    22. Fingerless gloves, mainly for when you wanted to go through a bit of an emo stage.

    23. And huuuuge sunglasses. Like the bigger, the better.

    Sandra Behne / Getty Images

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