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Here's The 7 Best Moments From "The Bachelorette" Episode 8

I'd like to introduce to the dark horse named Matty J.

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1. Osher came in like an overprotective father, reminding the boys Georgia was here to find love.

"By now you may be forming a connection to last a lifetime," Osher said, while Courtney jumped out the window, leaving nothing but broken glass behind him.

2. Matty J was picked for the single date.

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Unfortunately there were no more game shows on offer, but instead a very windy looking drive, a boat, and a dancing lesson. Georgia and Matty J just spent a lot of time staring at each other like lovestruck teenagers. Meanwhile I wondered where their cocktails had gone.

The two lovebirds and I finally found some common ground when the champagne was brought out. Georgia was impressed with Matty J's champagne popping skills, to which he replied, "you ease it out, gently but firmly." I mean, I think he was referencing the champagne. Ha ha! Oh god, I'm basically a 12-year-old boy.


4. The group date was all about seeing if Love was truly blind.

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Georgia Love that is.

The first test involved speed-dating with Georgia, except the lads from the house were paired up with old men. The olds were told what to say by their Bachelor, and Georgia had to sit there, getting chatted up by men who'd probably prefer to be out playing golf. Fireman Cam, Lee, and Jake had a lot of fun with it, while Clancy was struuuuuggling, much like me watching this episode. Meanwhile Georgia didn't give actually give a fuck, she was just trying to figure out which one was Courtney.

Clancy got kicked out, so the remaining men had to write a love letter to Georgia, then read out each others so Georgia didn't know who wrote the original letter. Georgia teared up at Jake's letter, but mainly because Courtney was reading it I think. However Courtney's letter actually sucked, so he got kicked out.

The final challenge was dancing, with Georgia blind-folded. And the winner was...

6. The boys tried to impress the fuck out of Georgia at the cocktail party.

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Lee made her a bunch of cocktails, Jake took the chance to read out his own letter to Georgia, and well, Clancy honestly just stood around being awkward. Courtney was later found in the fire escape.