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For Every '90s Teen That Was Obsessed With "My So-Called Life"

The most underrated teen show ever.

For those that don't know, My So-Called Life, starring a baby Claire Danes and a young, brooding Jared Leto, was goddamn iconic in the '90s.

The show touched on major issues for teens, in an educational, heartfelt and emotional way.

The show explored many types of relationships, from friendship and love... the complicated relationships with parents.


It wasn't afraid to touch on issues such as sexuality and portray it with a brutal honesty.

As well as substance abuse problems.

And learning disorders like dyslexia.

Angela's internal monologue was always so on point.

And, she perfectly summed up the inner workings of a teenage brain.

Sadly the show was cancelled after just one season which is a damn travesty.

Because we never found out what became of Angela and Jordan...

Whether Rayanne stayed clean...

...and whether Rickie was going to be OK.

But most importantly, we were blessed with one season of this incredible show and while it wasn't enough, it still introduced us to some amazing characters and storylines.

🙌 🙌 🙌