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Kit Harington Has Shaved Off His Beard And Everyone Is Losing It

"This isn't a phase, Mom."

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Kit Harington has done the unthinkable and shaved off his glorious beard.

Kit Harington shaved his beard. #JonSnow #GameOfThrones

Never fear, his hair is still in place.

Sporting a look that screams "THIS ISN'T A PHASE, MOM!" Harington is said to have shaved off his chin hair for his stage role in Doctor Faustus.

FYI, here's the before and after shot.

Anthony Harvey / Getty Images

Needless to say, fans aren't exactly thrilled.

@cuttsmarissa He aged down like 11 years and I am suddenly uncomfortable

@LordSnow yikes he looks like the lead singer of an emo band now

Some even tried to make some slight alterations.

@juliethebennett @LordSnow @Kit_Updates better?

On the plus side, it turns out beards CAN grow back!!


So let's not get too deep in the mourning phase just yet.