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27 Tumblr Posts That Perfectly Sum Up Australian Politics

Remember when we had the same Prime Minister for 11 whole years?

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1. On this savagery from the media:

2. On Malcolm Turnbull's loves and hates:

3. On making decisions:

4. On alternative theories:

5. On this alternative eating plan:

6. On helpful advice:

7. On what Malc's is really thinking about:

8. On the utmost respect Aussies have for politicians:

9. On this banter:

10. On this link:

11. On this conversation that wouldn't even be the weirdest thing to actually happen in Auspol:

12. On expectations vs. reality:

13. On this shit you honestly can't make up:

14. On this comparison:

15. On this affirmation:

16. And this one:

17. On Bill Shorten being such a dad:

18. On this very accurate analogy:

19. On the true identity of our politicians:

20. On political celebrations:

21. On the slightly hypocritical part of the national anthem:

22. On Bill Shorten searching for new supporters:

23. On Clive Palmer just being Clive and doing Clive-y things:

24. On this conspiracy that would be goddamn amazing, let's not lie:

25. On popular lyrics just really fitting that Auspol vibe:

26. On this crazy fact:

27. And this one, that doesn't even seem real now: