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20 Things People Who Hate Mornings Know To Be True

Please don't talk to me before 9am.

1. You shower the night before so you can sleep in for an extra 15 minutes.

Screen Gems / Via

Every minute of sleep in the morning is valuable and precious.

2. You also pick your outfit the night before...

Paramount Pictures

Ain't nobody got time for making early-morning decisions.

3. well as preparing your lunch. Preparation = more zzzz's.

Walt Disney

4. You often skip breakfast so you can sleep longer.


Coffee later in the day counts as breakfast, right?

5. Your mornings revolve around hitting your snooze button repetitively. / Via

Anything to delay getting up.

6. And as soon as your alarm goes off, the first phrases you utter are all swearwords.

Walt Disney / Via

7. Your life is all about setting a new record for getting ready.


Obviously then you can use the rest of the time to do more important things. Like sleep.

8. You are incapable of stringing together coherent sentences before 9am.


9. In fact, you avoid all conversations/people before 9 am.

10. You struggle through public transport every morning.

Walt Disney

As you attempt to not fall asleep before your stop.

11. And more often than not, you’re late for work.

Youtube: JennaMarbles / Via

12. You get super confused when people rave about how amazing the sunrise was.

CW / Via

13. What is a sunrise?


14. Do they know sunsets are actually way better? / Via

Because it's a far more acceptable time to be awake.

15. You have perpetual resting bitchface until at least noon.

E! / Via

16. As a result, people are often asking you why you're so angry.


17. Um, because, it’s too early to be up, idiots, more like, WHY ARE YOU SO HAPPY?!

Warner Bros. / Via

18. You spend your days counting down the hours until you see your one true love again.

DIsney / Via

Your bed, that is.

19. And your week counting down to your Saturday sleep-in.

Disney / Via

Where it’s perfectly acceptable to stay in bed until noon.

20. But on the plus side, you're super productive at night-time when everyone else is sleeping.

Walt Disney

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