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    Literally Just 19 Funny Chrissy Teigen Tweets

    "I'm trying to photoshop John's head onto Zayn's body."

    1. When she had this take on Becky with the good hair:

    2. When she was the queen of clapbacks:

    3. When she spent time trolling her husband:

    4. When she had this response to someone who mixed up Pharrell with John Legend:

    5. When she had this to say about ~that~ baby:

    6. When she had her priorities in order:

    7. When she wrote this hilarious tweet confirming the birth of her daughter Luna:

    8. When she was open about what it's like to give birth:

    9. When her TV choices were just like ours:

    10. When she praised The Real Housewives franchise:

    11. When she was just always so damn honest:

    12. When she made this joke about her newborn daughter after people hounded her for going out for dinner:

    13. When she gave us this handy tip:

    14. When she made this understandable mistake:

    15. When she highlighted this very real struggle:

    16. When she was fine with y'all calling her "mom" but only on one condition:

    17. When she handled a late night/early morning just like this:

    18. When her sense of humour was hilariously naughty:

    19. And uh well, when she did all the hard work: