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There's A Full Version Of The "Why You Always Lying" Video And You Need To See It Now

"Cue the rain!"

By now, you should all know the "Why You Always Lying" Vine that's been circulating around social media like crazy the past couple of weeks.

In fantastic news, there's now actually a full-length version of the song - just in case the shorter snippet wasn't enough.

View this video on YouTube

The people's prayers have been answered.

And it's exactly as great as what you'd expect.

Youtube: Downgoes Fraser

It has a dramatic rain scene...

Youtube: Downgoes Fraser

Skilled backup dancers...

Youtube: Downgoes Fraser

And of course, the usual emotional response when someone's always been fuckin' lying to you.

Youtube: Downgoes Fraser

It's a guaranteed No. 1 hit if we've ever seen it.

Youtube: Downgoes Fraser


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