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MKTO's 15 Best Pieces Of Dating Advice

MKTO are here to solve all your dating problems, from where to go on a first date to how to fill those awkward silences.

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American duo MKTO, Tony (L) and Malcolm (R) have had a huge year since the release of their self-titled debut album in 2014.

With hit love songs like "Classic", "American Dream" and new single "Bad Girls" taking the pop world by storm, we sat down with the boys to give them some dating scenarios and see what advice they had to dish out.

1. You really want to impress someone on the first date. What is the most classic date option?

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Tony: Well you’re trying to get to know her. So you definitely want to take her out to a nice restaurant, somewhere you can converse. And maybe after go, like, miniature golfing?

Malcolm: Or to the beach or something. Just focus on talking and getting to know each other. I like to keep it light on the first date.

2. You’re on a date and it’s going really badly. You have more in common with the waiter that’s serving you than the person you're actually with. What do you do?

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Tony: Well that’s easy. Though sometimes she’s trying to get out of it too! But I think that’s one of those things where you text your friend and you’re like “call me.”

Malcolm: "Oh! I gotta go?!"

Tony: “Oh! She’s in the hospital?!” But hopefully it doesn’t go like that.

3. You’re on your first date and there’s the first awkward silence. What’s the first thing you blurt out to try and break that silence?

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Tony: *Blows raspberry*. Break it. Break the barrier right there. I love awkward silences for that reason. But watch! It’ll make her laugh and then she’ll feel comfortable again.

Malcolm: I might just start singing songs or something. Or I’ll just ask them what they’re thinking.


4. You’re at a bar and you see someone you’re really interested in. How do you approach the situation and what do you say?

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Tony: I don’t because I’m too nervous! And I’d probably go to the bar and get a drink and leave 30 minutes later.

Malcolm: It just depends - I just like to be in the moment!

6. You’re dating someone but your friends kinda hate them. How do you approach this situation?

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Tony: I’ve gotta be honest. I’m around my friends - especially in this business - so much, she’s just gotta click with them. They’re your family on the road. If she came on the bus, you gotta be around six dudes – you have to get along, you have to have a sense of humour.

Malcolm: It kinda matters, but it kinda doesn’t. If I like you, I’m not really worried about what other people think. But she should be able to click with my friends.

7. You’re super into someone but they're giving you the cold shoulder. Do you give up or have a plan to turn it all around?

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Tony: I’d unfollow her on Twitter and I’d either block her or delete her from my phone. I’m serious.

Malcolm: I mean, I’d probably wait for it to die down a little bit.

Tony: I jump the gun too fast!


8. You’re out and completely wasted and send a bunch of embarrassing drunk texts. Turns out your boo wasn’t too impressed to be woken up. How do you salvage this situation the next day?

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Tony: That happens to me all the time! But I’d be like “Oh man I was just out with my friends, someone grabbed my phone! I don’t know what they were doing… I can’t believe they said that to you, I’m going to have a talk with them. That is not appropriate!" That’s what I’d do… that’s what I’ve done!

Malcolm: I mean yeah, sometimes I might use a friend because it’s easier to get away with it…

Tony: You’ve blamed me before?!

Malcolm: I mean, yeah I definitely have used people before… “Someone was using my phone, ugh, WHAT?!”

Tony: “Tony was just going crazy and grabbing the phone!”

9. You’ve had a fight with your partner but don’t feel like you’re in the wrong. How do you resolve the issue?

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Malcolm: Talk about it.

Tony: I probably wouldn’t even address it which is probably why I’m yet to be in a really good relationship.

Malcolm: Girls are always right at the end of the day. I’d just be like…. “OK babe. You got it. ”

10. You have a song called "No More Second Chances". Is there ever a time you would give someone a second chance?

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Tony: That’s cool to talk about that song! That’s a song that came from… I’m not sure where we were, but we were definitely drunk when we wrote that. That song was really about coming from a relationship when you’ve given enough chances to this girl and you’re kinda on your third strike. There’s always a second chance you know, but with that story and that girl in particular there was not another chance.

11. So what’s a situation where there is no second chance?

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Tony: If she cheats… and she cheats on me with someone that I know. That’s a big no-no. Because that ruins a relationship with that friendship and that’s not all right.


12. You’re meeting your partner’s parents for the first time. What do you do to try and impress them?

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Tony: I’d make sure I look the father in the eyes, shake his hand like the way a Southern man was raised…

Malcolm: I’d be opening the door for her - I mean you do that anyway! - but just make sure the parents see it!

Tony: Flowers for the mom as well! You have to be respectful to the parents... especially when you have as many tattoos as I have... they think you’ve immediately just came straight from jail. Or you’re a musician! And I don’t know if either one of them is good for a parent.

15. And should Facebook official be an actual thing?

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Tony: When I was in school, MySpace was the thing, and you had “in a relationship”

Malcolm: First in the top eight!

Tony: Although you would have been my number one.