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    19 Memes For Everyone Who Loves Sleeping, Drinking, Eating, And Repeating

    Weekend plans: sleeping, drinking, eating, and repeating.

    1. So, you just really love food.

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    2. And you're all about making life easier and food more accessible.

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    3. You're pretty much hungry all the goddamn time.

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    4. You know there's no such thing as not eating for longer than three hours.

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    Apart from when you're sleeping.

    5. And even when you think you're done with snacking, a mere half-hour could change that thought.

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    6. Getting home from school/work is a reason to treat yourself.

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    7. And you have your goals set out.

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    8. On the other hand, you love a good drink.

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    9. And you know there's nothing better than the sweet, sweet mix of alcohol and food.

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    10. Sometimes you're convinced you'll do a sober weekend, or month.

    11. And you'll restrict yourself from unnecessary sugary drinks.

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    12. But really, you're just a massive hypocrite.

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    13. And you know the best way to relax is with a glass of wine or champers in hand.

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    14. What goes perfectly with eating and drinking? Sleep, that's what.

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    15. It's how you spend the other third of your precious time.

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    16. And it's the sure way to temporarily fix any problem.

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    17. It's not that you're trying to ignore people...

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    18.'s just that sometimes, your life plans honestly just revolve around catching up on those ZZZs.

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    19. Well, until it's time for a snack, that is.

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    Eat, drink, sleep, repeat.