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23 Things Our Future Children And Grandchildren Will Just Never Understand

"If you record over my video tape you will burn in hell."

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3. The children of the future will never, ever have to deal with the dial-up sound that haunted you.

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4. Or the pressure of taking a photo and hoping for the best as you waited for your film to be printed.

5. The kids of tomorrow will never understand the wrath of your siblings if you accidentally taped over their video.

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8. They'll never, ever understand the devastation of Geri leaving the Spice Girls.

I think if Geri had just stayed in the Spice Girls for one more album, world peace would have been achieved. So th…

A HUGE moment tbh. Not even Zayn leaving One Direction could top this shock.

9. Or the sheer joy of a new Harry Potter book coming out.

10. Our future children and grandchildren will 100% laugh at the fact we upgraded from a Walkman to a Discman.

18. The future generation will never know a world without Google.

There was a time before Google where you could say what ever you want and nobody could prove you wrong without going to the library.

20. They'll never get the same excited nerves that happened when your teen crush logged in to MSN messenger.

I was so extra in gr 7/8 I would rename songs in my iTunes to whatever my crush was listenin to then msn them like "no wayyyy same song!"

And then logging in and out until they finally said hello to you.

21. Or the pressure of trying to take the perfect MySpace shot.

22. They'll never need to worry about having extra coins in order to call home and get your parents to pick you up.

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