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    17 Little Things That Make All Aussies Smile

    Love some free tomato sauce.

    1. When the fish 'n' chip shop is extremely generous with the chicken salt.

    Instagram: jasonwt / Via

    2. Stumbling across a weekend sausage sizzle.

    Instagram: gustavowalker / Via

    3. Indulging in a meat pie at the footy.

    Instagram: carla.sue / Via

    4. Free tomato sauce.

    5. Finding the perfect pair of thongs to wear all summer long.

    Instagram: nicolehartley54 / Via

    6. When the Macca's ice cream machine isn't "broken".

    Instagram: bredasammon / Via

    7. Finding a seat on public transport.


    8. A good brunch.

    9. Getting a perfect, even scoop of Neapolitan ice cream.

    Instagram: sidetownicecream / Via

    10. Hearing the delightful sound of Mr Whippy slowly driving down the road.

    Instagram: rebelwoutapause / Via

    11. Watching something on YouTube and not getting the "this content is not available in your country" message.

    Columbia Pictures

    12. Seeing the magical words "free shipping".

    13. When your fave band is touring and remembers Australia exists.

    14. Finding a decent happy hour.

    15. Drinking hot Milo on a cold day.

    Instagram: ___h0llie___ / Via

    16. Opening a new jar of Vegemite.

    Instagram: beeanch0r / Via

    17. And these super cute baby dingoes.

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