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    15 Diet And Nutrition Myths Debunked By Personal Trainer Sam Wood

    There's no use crying over skim milk.

    This is Sam Wood. He's been a personal trainer for over 15 years, oh and he was also the 2015 Bachelor.

    He runs his own fitness program "28 By Sam Wood", and has changed thousands of lives with a pretty simple concept: Eat well, and exercise for 28 minutes per day.

    1. Full cream milk is actually a better choice over its skim and low-fat counterparts.

    2. And be wary of products labelled "low-fat".


    "It generally means the sugar content is a lot higher."

    3. No, coconut oil isn't THAT bad for you.


    "The recent stuff around coconut oil is categorically wrong. It's a natural fat, and fat doesn’t make you fat. It will be disproven in the near future, I promise you!"

    4. Skipping breakfast may not completely "ruin" your metabolism, but it will make you prone to eating worse for the rest of the day.


    "Getting that first meal in does kickstart your metabolism, and the benefits of eating breakfast definitely outweigh not eating it. Eating breakfast is a catalyst for a good day of eating – when you skip it, you often spend the day catching up and trying to fill the 'void'. It also depends on when you do your workouts – if you're a morning workout person but a non-breakfast one, then there's a real gap where your muscles are being deprived."

    5. And you definitely are damaging your metabolism with fad diets and juice cleanses.


    "You can lose a lot of weight on a juice diet but you’re losing water and muscle, and when you start eating whole foods again you put that weight back on. But because you’ve still lost muscle, it means your metabolism is getting damaged every time."

    6. Buying organic is technically better for you – but as long as you're eating non-processed foods, you're on the right track.


    "Yes, organic products are more often than not slightly better for us. There's less human interference, less chemicals, and less pesticides. But as long as you're eating 'real' food and not processed food, that's the most important thing. The kind of rules you should go by are if you're in a supermarket and a product has more than five ingredients, then be wary. My first rule would be to eat real, non-processed food, and if you want to take it to that extra 5-10%, then buy organic."

    7. Many store-bought protein drinks aren't actually that great for you.


    "You have to look at what's in them and the sugar content. If it's 30 grams of sugar in a 300ml drink, that's 10% sugar. While many promote low-fat, high-protein and it sounds great, a lot of people forget to check out the sugar ratio. Making your own protein drinks is A LOT better for you. A scoop of natural protein powder, some milk, and fruit is always going to be a healthier option than the processed ones you can buy."

    8. And be wary of the protein bars too.


    "Again, sugar is the key there. Some protein bars you can match up with a Mars Bar and a lot of the time there's very little difference."

    9. Some superfoods aren't all they're cracked up to be.


    "Tumeric is a really good 'superfood' because it has anti-inflammatory qualities, and is great for bloating and if you don't sleep well. I think kale is a bit overrated! I don't think it's that much difference to just having spinach, you know? I think the key message there is just because a food is 'in vogue' doesn't necessarily make it any better or more magical than similar foods in the same family."

    10. You can actually train your body to need less food.


    "It’s a gradual process but we’ve all conditioned ourselves to eat too much. Serving sizes are larger, it’s seen as 'rude' to not eat everything on your plate. I always say to people 'put two-thirds of what you normally would on a plate, finish it, and half an hour later if you’re still hungry come back for seconds'. And they never do! There’s a delayed reaction when it comes to satiety and fullness. So if you’re scoffing (because we all eat too fast as well) you don’t realise you’re full until it’s too late. If you eat slower, keep it to two-thirds of your usual portion, you’re slowly training your body to need less food."

    11. Eating pasta for dinner (occasionally) won't necessarily set you back.


    "It depends on the individual and the overall make-up of your eating for the day. If you have pasta for dinner, and that's in balance with a high-protein and low-carb breakfast and lunch, then it’s probably going to be fine. If you have a really slow metabolism and you’re trying to be as efficient as you can when it comes to burning fat, that’s when you’d replace any pasta at night with zucchini noodles or other alternatives. Once again it’s just about portion size, balance, and moderation."

    12. Don't believe any myths about eggs being bad for you.


    "I'm so glad eggs are back in everyone's good graces. They are SO good for you!"

    13. There's no real thing as a "calorie negative" food.


    "I don’t think you’d ever quite get to the point where you’re calorie negative, but the thing about celery being deemed as 'calorie negative' is that it's basically 90% water. So you know if you’re churning through it and maybe jogging on the spot while eating it you could probably break even!"

    14. It's not a choice between choosing a healthy diet, or choosing to workout – the most effective way to lose weight or stay healthy is by doing BOTH.


    "The most common question I get is 'what’s more important, food or training?' Like people have to choose one, or like they SHOULD choose one. It's a combination of both!"

    15. And it can be good for your mental health to have a piece or two of chocolate!

    TriStar Pictures

    "Dark chocolate is a lot better, as it's higher in natural cacao. It can be good mentally to have a piece, because you feel like you’re not depriving yourself and less likely to go on a massive binge later. But again, if you’re trying to lose the last kilo or two, it might be the thing that causes you to plateau."

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