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19 Mouthwatering Cafés To Visit In Adelaide

Time to munch on some brunch.

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1. My Kingdom for a Horse:

Instagram: @adl_brunchsociety

With large servings that always look picture perfect, it's pretty obvious why My Kingdom for a Horse is an Adelaide fave.

2. Mister Sunshine’s:

Instagram: @jaywennington

This unpretentious gem is popular with a lot of Adelaidians and it's easy to see why. If you're heading to Mister Sunshine's on a weekend, be aware that you may have to wait for a table - but it'll be worth it.

3. Froth and Fodder:

Instagram: @madeinsouthaustralia

For a casual vibe with fast service, look no further than Froth and Fodder. Whether you want a big breakfast or maybe just a coffee and cookie treat, it'll cater for all your needs.

4. The Loose Caboose Café:

Instagram: @twofatcullos

Using local produce, The Loose Caboose Café may be a little bit more on the pricier side of life, but you're paying for fresh food and overall quality.

5. Rosey's Café:

Instagram: @jesswood_82

Complimented on great service and overall reliability. Rosey's offers a range of delicious, gluten free breakfasts and fresh juices.

6. The Flinders Street Project:

Instagram: @shaunocall

The Flinders Street Project is an Adelaide fave for a reason. The mouthwatering French toast will satisfy any sweet tooth and the large coffees will sure get you buzzing and ready for the day.

7. A Mother's Milk:

Instagram: @iamrjpascual

With friendly staff and a no-fuss menu, A Mother's Milk is best known for its smooth speciality coffee.

8. Pollen 185:

Instagram: @lovesthefeed

Pollen 185 serves quality, beautifully presented vegetarian and vegan dishes. It's brunch without the guilt.

9. Nutrition Republic:

Instagram: @nutritionrepublic

Nutrition Republic lives up to its name: With nutritious (and delicious) brunch bowls, if you're after a healthy, light meal, this is the place for you.

10. Hawker Street Café:

Instagram: @hawkerstreetcafe

Hawker Street Café offers a cosy vibe and poached eggs to die for - all in all, a perfect place for a lazy Saturday morning.

11. Queen Street Café:

Instagram: @2dogs4birds1girl

Queen Street Café offer plethora of brekkie options made with fresh produce. Check it out - it may just be your next favourite local.

12. Café Troppo:

Café Troppo does everyone's favourites with a unique twist. Why not go try the brekky pizza or chili eggs for something different?

13. Paddy's Lantern:

Instagram: @laugrace

Paddy's Lantern is a cosy café with a smaller menu, but each meal lives up to the hype. It's the perfect place to relax with a coffee and the newspaper.

14. The Market Shed on Holland:

Instagram: @themarketshed

With a variety of stalls and locally grown produce, The Market Shed has a lively atmosphere and will no doubt cater for any food cravings.

15. Agatha's:

Instagram: @roxannea

For food with a view, check out Agatha's Café on the beach. From Eggs Benedict to double stacked pancakes with chocolate ganache, there are plenty of options for all kinds of tastebuds.

16. Café Komodo:

Instagram: @transitionhealth

With delicious vegetarian and vegan options and of course other dishes that will delight any bacon-lover, Café Komodo is perfect for filling up your empty tum. As an added bonus, the café is breast-feeding friendly, making it a perfect place to take the kids.

17. Yankee Café:

Instagram: @yankeecafehenley

Sometimes you just need hot breakfast served all day, and that's what makes this American style café the perfect hangover cure. The breakfast burrito or breakfast pie will definitely satisfy your hunger, or if it's later in the day the extensive lunch menu is bound to please also.

18. Bici Espresso e Pasticceria:

Instagram: @fangnicole

Bici Espresso e Pasticceria is perfect for morning or afternoon tea and all things in between. The breakfast menu is definitely worth checking out, but the pastries and cakes available are absolutely delightful.

19. Pickle in the Middle:

Instagram: @justinebw

With the magical words "breakfast available all day" stamped across the menu, you automatically know Pickle in the Middle is going to delight. If you're straying away from the usual bacon and eggs, why not sample the cheese and pickle toastie?