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Posted on 6 Apr 2018

Lorde Has Deleted And Apologised For A Bathtub Photo She Captioned With Whitney Houston Lyrics

Oh Lorde-y.

Earlier today Lorde uploaded a photo on Instagram of a bathtub with the caption "And iiii will always love you".

Unfortunately the singer didn't seem to realise the reference was distasteful, considering the "I Will Always Love You" singer Whitney Houston died in a bathtub in 2012.

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Fans were quick to notice, begging Lorde to delete her post or change the caption.

Most people seemed to think it was an innocent mistake.

I honestly don’t think Lorde meant any harm but good god

lorde probably didn’t even think about that when she wrote the caption, half of y’all sitting here mad while you probably sing it in the shower

Y’all really think Lorde did that on purpose

But, of course, people were still SHOOK.

Poor Lorde. I know she didn’t mean any intentional harm but that caption took me down to the ground lmao.

And others couldn't help but imagine what it'd be like when Lorde finally finished her bath and realised the havoc she'd created.

imagine being lorde logging back on to insta after her bath oh my GOD i will never stop screaming

Lorde rn like “loving this social detox on my day off”

Lorde deleted the post, then uploaded an Instagram Story apologising.

That day off just really isn't going well for her.

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