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    19 Things You'll Relate To If You Live Far Away From Your Siblings

    You go from missing each other like crazy, to arguing within 0.5 seconds when you reunite.

    1. After living together for so long growing up, you never fully get used to being so far apart.


    2. To the point where you forget that when you need to borrow something from them, they’re not just down the hall anymore.


    3. Your texts often look like this:

    4. And you'll send each other dumb Snapchats as a way of keeping in touch.


    5. There's only so much texting/phone calls can give you, so when you are together IRL, all stories of your time apart have to be repeated to their full, dramatic extent.


    6. So every time you reunite it's a real celebration.

    Instagram: @tahliaapritchard / Via

    7. And you always have a ton to catch up on.


    8. Including gossiping about what other family members are up to.


    9. However, it doesn't take long for you to start arguing as well.


    10. Sometimes even to the point that you stop talking to each other for a few minutes, because you forget how annoying your siblings can be.


    11. And there's always that weird thing where you feel like you need to disagree with each other, no matter what you're talking about.

    12. But before you know it, you've made up and start acting like your weird selves again.


    13. And any argument or fight is immediately forgotten.


    14. Your siblings know you better than anyone, so you feel like you're being your ~true~ self around them.

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    15. And it's always fun to introduce them to friends who haven't met you guys as a team, because it has the potential to turn into a wild time.


    16. Before you know it, you're slipping into the same old mannerisms and accidentally saying things at the same time.


    17. Because after a day of hanging out again, it feels like distance was never even a thing in your lives.


    18. Until it's time for you to go your separate ways, and it's always more emotional than you think.


    19. But on the plus side, it makes you treasure any time together even more than before.


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