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19 Times Aussies Gave Absolutely No Fucks In 2016

"Please don't grab Australia's pussy."

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2. When this guy punched a kangaroo for attacking his dog.

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3. And when this guy just wanted to chill, drink a VB, and play with his pet snake.

Like... his literal pet snake.

4. When a shark attacked this teen and his one concern was his mum finding out.

5. When a Victorian man sent a drone to Bunnings to grab a sausage sizzle and got fined.

A Sunbury man who used a drone to deliver his Bunnings sausage has copped a $900 fine for the stunt.

8. When the "Department of Australia" tweeted this to Donald Trump.


9. When the NSW parliament passed this motion.

10. And when our opposition leader, Bill Shorten, refused to apologise for slamming Donald Trump.

“If I see women being disrespected, I’m going to call it out”: Bill @billshortenmp refuses to apologise for slammin…

12. When this snake just decided to show up at Splendour, like it was no big deal.

#SnakeInTheGrass2016 spotted near the Splendour Mix Up Stage #SITG2016


13. And when Flume decided to close his set with a message to Pauline Hanson.

"Fuck you Pauline Hanson. Goodnight". How Flume closed off Splendour. What a ledg!


18. When this guy created the "hamdog" because apparently everyone was missing out by not combining the two together.

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