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14 Sexy Aussie Songs To Get You In The Mood This Valentine’s Day

Hot like a sunrise.

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1. Aerial Love - Daniel Johns

Youtube: Triple J


This sexy new song by the equally sexy Daniel Johns has a "I should be played in a movie love-making scene" vibe, so forget watching actual movies this Valentine's Day. Go make your own magic.

Sexiest Lyric:

"Oooh I'm ready."

2. Call Me - Kimbra

Youtube: KimbraMusic


For the sassy, single people out there, this is your anthem. Sure Kimbra is technically a Kiwi but in true Aussie style we're claiming her for this list. This sultry song is all about getting what you want. So if you have your eye on someone on this Valentine's Day, go get them tiger.

Sexiest lyric:

"I got what you want, baby don't move, when they move along

Get tight, get it tough, everyone's fighting for the one they want."

3. Elvis - The Rubens

Facebook: therubensmusic


This song is for those devoted couples who have been through the very best and very worst of times. It's an easy listening song, sure to get you in an easy kinda mood.

Romance Lyric:

"It gets easier to love you

And sometimes it's hard but we've made it this far, we'll get through."

4. Resolution - Matt Corby

Youtube: Matt Corby AU


For all you deep, pondering souls out there, this one is for you. Matt Corby is a passionate singer, so you're in for an equally passionate experience. The song gets particularly heated in the second verse, so if you're after a slow, sensual start, but a climatic middle, it's the choice for you.

Sexiest Lyric:

"So don't you worry,

You'll be my resolution."


5. All I Want Is You - Ball Park Music

Youtube: Ball Park Music


This is for all the lovers out there who have been together for a significant amount of time, but still believe seeing their partner is the greatest part of their day. See the oldies above having a good old boogie to it? You too, can dance. Horizontally.

Sexiest lyric:

"It's been a long day

I'm absolutely achin'

To lie down next to my girl

and tell her all about it."

Listen to it here.

6. Talk Is Cheap - Chet Faker

Youtube: Future Classic


Talk is Cheap by Chet Faker nabbed the number one spot on Triple J's Hottest 100 this year and also the number one spot in many people's hearts. And loins.

Sexiest lyric:

"I wanna make you move with confidence

I wanna be with you alone."

7. Treehouse - Gold Fields

Facebook: goldfieldsmusic


This smooth indie track from Gold Fields is the exact type of tune that will convince you to turn the lights down and escape from reality to fantasy. And not just because they tell you too.

Sexiest Lyric:

"She's gonna meet me there. She's gonna write her name on my arm.

She's gonna wear my coat, She'll wanna take it off when we get home."

8. Riptide - Vance Joy

Youtube: Tram Sessions


Vance's sweet lyrics and voice will lull you into an even sweeter moment with your significant other. Try not to get too comfortably lulled by his voice however - you don't want to fall asleep.

Sexiest lyric:

"Lady, running down to the riptide

Taken away to the dark side

I wanna be your left hand man."


9. Take Me - RÜFÜS

Facebook: rufussounds


If you need convincing about why a song called "Take Me" should get you in the mood, you're probably reading the wrong article.

Sexiest lyric:

"Underwater lights

Shadows in disguise

Your lips come close to mine

In time."

10. Rock It - Little Red

Youtube: LittleRed Vevo


This song is all about rocking it. Rocking into the dawn. Rocking it = sex. Obviously.

Sexiest lyric:

"Rock it to the early dawn

Soon those really good times will be gone

Everything I ever had,

If I could have one night like that."

11. Is This How You Feel? - The Preatures

Facebook: ThePreatures


This one is for all the confused people out there whose crush won't give them a solid answer about where they stand. So if you do happen to hook up, play this song in the background. Maybe they'll get the hint.

Sexiest lyric:

"I could keep on with the same mistakes

Or I could make them with you."

12. Where The City Meets The Sea - The Getaway Plan

Facebook: TheGetawayPlan


Fun Fact: Where the City Meets The Sea is actually a sex metaphor. This may not be true, but don't let that stop you from doing your thang.

Sexiest Lyric:

"But then it's one, two, three

And you're back to me.

And all the pieces fit together oh so perfectly."


13. Endless Summer - The Jezabels

Youtube: The Jezabels


Endless Summer is the song that has the whole star-crossed lovers vibe going on. Role play with your lover. You can reenact Romeo and Juliet. Or maybe Ryan and Marissa. Just without the tragic endings.

Sexiest Lyric:

"You came home for the endless summer,

Watch me go, paint a different colour,

Of my life, you were the deepest lover,

Stay with me, here in the endless summer."

14. Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap

Facebook: tempertrap


This song has that vibe that leaves you feeling floaty and kinda high. Like good sex. So even if the sex turns out to be average, at least the song will give you that feeling.

Sexiest lyric:

"A moment of love

A dream

A laugh

A kiss

A cry

Our rights

Our wrongs."

Special mention: Sexercise - Kyle Minogue

View this video on YouTube

Honourary mention goes to Kylie. As if a song called 'Sexercise' isn't going to get you in the mood.