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    18 Things Matt Preston Definitely Looked Like In The "MasterChef" Finale

    "Matt Preston looks like a giant tea towel in a suit."

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    While the MasterChef finale is always full of tense times, people tonight also couldn't help but take notice of Matt Preston's intense outfit.

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    Fashion goals.

    1. Some thought he looked ready to take the stage.

    Someone should tell Matt Preston this is the #MasterChefAU finale not auditions for Hamilton


    By the look of Matt Preston he's off to star in Les Miserables after #MasterChefAU wraps


    Matt Preston's grand final outfit be like... #MasterChefAU

    4. Others were feeling a more presidential vibe.

    @masterchefau #grandfinal - Matt Preston looks like George Washington.

    Donald Trump could never.

    5. Most agreed there was definitely a ye olde 18th century thing going on.

    Matt Preston appears to be dressed as an 18th century highwayman who is also the captain of a ship. #MasterChefAU


    matt preston looks like he is about to attend a ball in the 1800s #MasterChefAU

    7. A few thought he was going to escape the kitchen, to set sail...

    Does Matt Preston have a ship moored out the front? #MasterChefAU


    Matt Preston looks like he's the Commodore of the English navy chasing after Captain Jack Sparrow #MasterChefAU


    Nice to see 19th Century Admiral Matt Preston at the helm #MasterChefAU

    10. ...and perhaps play a role in some invasions.

    i'm not sure if matt preston is judging food or invading scotland #MasterChefAU


    When you gotta host #MasterChefAU at 7 but fight the battle of Waterloo at 9


    Matt Preston looks like he's just stepped off the First Fleet! #MasterChefAU

    13. Regardless, there were many comparisons.

    Matt Preston tonight. Minus the hat & John Travolta. 😉 #MasterChefAU


    Beauty and Matt Preston @masterchefau


    Matt Preston has the whole nautical theme going on tonight! #MasterChefAU


    Matt Preston looks like a giant tea towel in that suit #MasterChefAU

    17. But we can all agree, he is indeed a fashionista.

    It's great to see Admiral Matt Preston turned out Masterchef. #mattprestonfasionista

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