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    Posted on 20 Mar 2017

    Kim Kardashian Spoke About Her Robbery For The First Time, And People Got Emotional

    The latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians saw the star open up publicly for the first time about her ordeal.

    In the latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, we witnessed the lead-up to and aftermath of the Paris robbery, where Kim was held up at gunpoint.

    Tonight's episode is going to be very tough for me.

    Opening up for the first time about the ordeal, Kim tearfully recounted the events in a confessional and to her sisters, telling them how she feared she was going to be raped and killed.

    She was tied up on the bed, with her mouth duct-taped. Assuming the perpetrators would kill her, Kim said she "prayed Kourtney could lead a normal life after she sees my dead body on the bed".

    Needless to say, it made for highly distressing and emotional viewing for fans.

    Kanye to Kim: " If they would've done something to you, I wouldn't have stopped until they was dead." #kuwtk Me:

    Listening to Kim's recollection of the robbery 😭😭 #KUWTK

    I have a new found respect for Kim after #kuwtk tonight! I can't imagine going through something as horrific as she did!

    Never thought I would cry during an episode of @KUWTK but here we are #kuwtk

    The show featured footage of Kim reuniting with her kids after the robbery, putting on a brave face so they didn't think "anything was wrong".

    That emotional moment when Kim reunites with her kids after Paris 😭 #KUWTK

    Fans also started a hashtag, tweeting #HereForKim to show their support.

    Kim you told just enough of the truth, thank you for sharing your story with us. So many owe you an apology. ❤🙏🏽 to you #HereForKim #kuwtk

    @KimKardashian you are one of the strongest and bravest people I know of! We will always be here to support you #HereForKim! ❤

    Kim also took to Twitter to share some thoughts after the episode.

    I took a tragic horrific experience and did not let it diminish me, rather grew and evolved and allowed the experience to teach me.

    I can say I've become so much better because of it....thank you for allowing me to share my story tonight #KUWTK

    We love you, Kim. ❤️❤️❤️

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