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19 Things You Understand If You're A Girl Who Really Fucking Hates Shopping

Ain't nobody got time for that.

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1. You try to avoid clothes shopping as much as humanly possible.

2. Which sometimes means you'll just team old clothing items with newer ones to avoid buying brand new outfits.

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3. When you face the inevitable and go to a store, you try and be in and out as fast as humanly possible.

4. Because being in the same store for longer than 15 minutes gives you instant claustrophobia.

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5. And lining up for the change room is absolute hell.

6. When people get really excited for sales, you don't exactly understand...


7. ...because sure, saving money is fun, but do you know what's not fun? SHOPPING WHEN THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE AROUND.

8. IT. IS. NOT. FUN.

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9. Your friends and/or partner love shopping way more than you.


10. So you're resigned to taking the spare seat in the changerooms, praying they'll deplete all their shopping energy soon.


11. And the only thing you really look forward to during the whole "adventure" is finding the food court and treating yo'self.

12. Even online shopping bores you half to death.


13. You tend to give the pages some half-hearted clicks before completely giving up.

14. Too often you think things like, "Well my jeans from 2012 aren't THAT out of style".


15. You envy people with killer outfits but deep down you can never achieve the same, because it'd mean putting energy and actual thought into shopping.


Ain't nobody got time for matching layers and shit.

16. It's not like you just discriminate against clothes shopping. You also hate grocery shopping...

17. ...stationery shopping...


18. ...and shopping for other people!

19. In fact, tbh, you hate shopping so much even reading this much about it has made you super fucking angsty and restless.