17 Pieces Of Jewelry For Your Inner Scene Kid

    Killjoys never die.

    1. This Fall Out Boy bracelet:

    2. These dangling skeletons that will add some punk to any outfit:

    3. This tribute to MCR:

    4. This romantic pendant for your Paramore-loving bae:

    5. This memory of one of The Used's finest works:

    6. This way to accessorise Brendon Urie every day:

    7. This phrase you definitely said to your mother at least once:

    8. This pretty FOB bow to match your earrings:

    9. This super cute All Time Low reference:

    10. This awesome Pierce The Veil ring:

    11. These A Day To Remember plugs:

    12. Or if MCR is more your thing, these Three Cheers themed ones:

    13. This more subtle accessory for your inner Emo:

    14. These cute Twenty One Pilots studs:

    15. This blast-from-the-past AFI necklace:

    16. This tribute to The Black Parade:

    17. And this glorious Green Day inspired charm bracelet: