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19 Things You Only Understand If You're A Parramatta Eels Fan

"It's been 84 years..."

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3. Especially when people tease you about your choice in football team.

"I'd just like to say the early 1980s was a great time to be an Eels fan OK?"


12. And when every media outlet starts reporting in March it's "the year of the Eel" you know not to get your hopes up too high.


14. When things start going right for the club, you're still prepared for the worst.


Got a good team going? Just wait for those injuries, salary cap breaches, Jarryd Hayne-like players taking off, and coaches being sacked.

15. And you're still patiently biding your time for the dreaded halfback curse to end.

Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

So many halfbacks starting with promise, so many halfbacks dropped after half a season.


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