19 Derek Shepherd Moments That Will Now Break Your Heart

    We love you, McDreamy. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

    1. There was Derek's wry smile when Meredith totally forgot his name.

    2. Seriously though, that smile.

    3. There was the time he repeated Meredith's line right back to her...

    4. ...and he always had a gloriously cheeky way of looking at someone.

    5. Just in case you needed proof again.

    6. The chemistry between Meredith and Derek was electric right from the start...

    7. No matter what battle they faced, they always managed to make it through.

    8. And in his own words:

    9. There was time he wasn't afraid to tell Meredith's mother what he really thought.

    10. And the times the two of them were so cute, your heart melted.

    11. Derek was also a great father.

    12. Just look at this super-cute family tea party.

    13. And his excitement for adding to the family was adorable.

    14. There was the bromance he had with Mark Sloan.

    15. And the fact Derek could admit his own flaws as well.

    16. There were these very profound words.

    17. And the motto he repeated right up until the very end.

    18. As it goes in ShondaLand, all good things must come to an end...

    19. ...we'll miss you, McDreamy.