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    Posted on 29 Jan 2015

    12 #Auspol Quotes As Motivational Posters

    Our leaders are so inspirational.

    1. When Clive Palmer just wasn't to blame. / Creative Commons

    2. The time Joe Hockey was the most sympathetic dude on the block. / Creative Commons

    3. When Pauline Hanson knew exactly what the country needed to remain peaceful. / Creative Commons

    4. The time Kevin Rudd made absolute sense. / Creative Commons

    5. When Tony Abbott taught us hardships in life, all comes down to our choices. / Creative Commons

    6. The time Jacqui Lambie let us know what she was looking for in a man. / Creative Commons

    Hope she wasn't talking about Clive.

    7. When Malcolm Turnbull spoke #RealTalk. / Creative Commons

    8. When Julia Gillard was all about America. / Creative Commons

    9. The time Cory Bernardi compared same-sex marriage to beastiality. / Creative Commons

    10. When Julie Bishop did not want a bar of the term feminism. / Creative Commons

    11. The time Eric Abetz solved the youth unemployment crisis. / Creative Commons

    12. When Christopher Pyne kept it classy. / Creative Commons

    Debatable if he said grub.

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