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    17 Games All Aussie Primary School Kids Played At Recess

    Because who didn't love Stuck In The Mud.


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    Rules: If you got tagged by the runner, you had to freeze in the place you were tagged. A fellow friend would have to help you out (while avoiding the runner) by crawling underneath your legs.


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    Rules: Well, it's rather self-explanatory. But a group of kids hide, while the other one seeks. The last person to get to the home "base" without being tagged has to be the next seeker. Alternatively, some people play without a home base, and whoever gets found helps the seeker find the rest of the kids.


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    Rules: One child is chosen to be "Mr Wolf" while the others stand in a line further down. The kids constantly ask "What's the time Mr Wolf?" and the "wolf" answers with a number (e.g. 10) to which the kids have to advance forward 10 steps. The aim is for one the kids to try and "tag" Mr Wolf without first being caught. When the kids get closer, at any time Mr Wolf can respond to the question with "It's dinner time!" at which point the "wolf" chases the players back to the starting line with the aim to catch one of them.


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    Rules: First rule - don't care about the name. We all referred to it as different things. Moving on, the rules are very simple! One person is "it" and that person has to run around and tag, tip, or touch someone else. Whoever they catch, is the new "it". To alter the rules, include a home base to get that much needed break. Continue game.


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    Rules: Similar to touch football, the aim of the game is for your team to score a try - except instead of being "tagged" by hand, you need to pull your opponent's colourful tag off.


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    Rules: Playing with two others, or even a couple of chairs, you wrap the elastic round and jump over it repeatedly, starting low at the ankles, moving up to the knees, thighs and waist. Most kids had some sort of song or rhyme that was chanted, with each one having a different jumping pattern associated with it, with a popular one being the following:

    "England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales
    Inside, outside, inside, on!'"

    It made sense at the time.


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    Rules: It's like normal skipping - but with two ropes turning in opposite directions and generally has numerous kids jumping simultaneously. You've gotta admire the skill of the kids who are pros at this.


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    Rules: Hopscotch is a classic children’s game that can be played with several people or alone. Players toss a small object into the numbered spaces and then hop through the spaces to retrieve the object. Though let’s be real, sometimes we just competed with our friends to see who could hop through every space the fastest and totally ditched all the other rules.


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    Rules: Each player is designated a square on the court. Regardless of the amount of players there are, there'll always be someone in the "King" position. The King serves (to anyone) and the aim of the game is to keep continuously hitting the ball with your hand and make sure it doesn't go "out" or bounce twice. You can only play in your own square. When someone is out, each player moves up to the next square closer to the top. If the King gets out, they start again at the bottom.


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    Rules: One person is "in" or "it". The rest of the players line up at the end of the field. The person that's "it" calls "bullrush" and the children run from one end to another (roughly around 25 metres). The person that's "it" tags as many people as possible, then once tagged, they help him/her keeping tagging as the game progresses until there's one left.


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    Rules: The best thing about Sevens? All you need is a tennis ball and a wall. Friends are totally optional. Each of the seven steps involves throwing the ball in a different way. While the rules may change from person to person, generally it looks something a little like this:

    1. Throw the ball and catch with two hands.

    2. Throw and catch with one hand.

    3. Throw, let it bounce and catch with two hands.

    4. Throw, let it bounce and catch with one hand.

    5. Throw under right leg, catch with one hand.

    6. Throw, turn around and catch with one hand.

    7. Throw, turn around, clap and catch with one hand.


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    Rules: Similar to everyone's fave Stuck In The Mud, if the person that is "it' tags you, you have to stop and start "melting". If no one saves you by tagging you before you're totally melted, then you're out of the game.


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    Rules: Basically Hide and Seek with a different name. One player shuts their eyes and counts to 44 at the home base while the others hide. Once the player has finished counting they shout "44 home!" and attempt to find the others before they make it back to the base. If someone is tagged, they're the next person to count.


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    Rules: One player hides and the rest of the players go hunting individually. When a hunter finds the person hiding, they join the hiding place. Continue game until the last hunter finds the "sardines."


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    Rules: Everyone sits in a circle and closes their eyes. A non-player picks a murderer and a detective. Once everyone opens their eyes, the murderer will "kill" people off by winking at them. The players that are winked at have to "die" dramatically and leave the circle. The detective's job is to figure out who the murderer is, but they only get three chances.


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    Rules: Hugely popular at preschool and primary schools, in the game the kids sit down in a circle facing each other. One person is "it" and walks around the circle, tapping people's heads and saying whether they're a "duck" or a "goose." Once someone is branded a "goose" they have to get up and chase the person who is "it" around the circle. The goal is to tap that person before they are able to sit down in the goose's spot.


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    Rules: One person plays the "stop light" and the rest form a line away from them. The stop light faces away from the kids and says "green light" to which the kids move forward towards the player. At any point, the stop light could shout out "red light!" and turn around. If any of the kids are caught moving after this, they are out. The stop light wins if all kids are out before anyone has a chance to touch him/her.

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