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    4 Aug 2015

    29 Tumblr Posts That Are Way, Way Too Real For People Who Are Constantly Hungry

    I'm sorry for what I said when I was hungry.

    1. When every occasion is made more exciting because of the food on offer.

    2. When you constantly feel the need to express your love.

    3. This very accurate depiction of your body clock.

    4. When you get a little hangry.

    5. And when your hunger brings out the worst in you.

    6. When any mood is a good excuse for some snacks.

    7. When you're leaving a date and all you can think about is last night's leftovers waiting for you at home.

    8. When you rock up to a party and have your eyes on the prize.

    9. When you're not sure what's for dinner.

    10. When you hear someone say anything that vaguely rhymes with the word food.

    11. When your parents ask kinda dumb questions.

    12. Though they really do know you deep down.

    13. And how to push your buttons.

    14. This accurate fortune.

    15. When someone thinks you're checking them out but tbh you're just checking out their burger.

    16. When people are starting to get more serious in their relationships and your status looks like this.

    17. When your food just gets you.

    18. When people try to be freakin' logical and you're not about it.

    19. When you really need a snack while you're waiting for dinner to cook.

    20. When you finish a rather satisfying meal.

    21. When you get totally sprung.

    22. When the only answer to life's tough questions is "Why don't you just have both?"

    23. When someone asks if food is all you think about.

    24. Like seriously, your thoughts are always occupied.

    25. When your friend bribes you to show up somewhere and they don't fulfill their promises.

    26. When your bae poses this romantic question to you:

    27. When your stomach is incapable of chilling.

    28. When food + bed = basically what dreams are made of.

    29. And when someone who clearly doesn't know you, asks if you're hungry:

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