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    Updated on 8 May 2019. Posted on 9 Nov 2017

    21 Food Combinations That Will Make You Say "I'm Calling The Police"

    Guys, stop.

    1. This banana dipped in tomato sauce.

    2. And these carrots smeared with Nutella.

    3. This... literally, whatever this is.

    4. This horrifying soup idea.

    5. This apple pie topped with a slice of cheese.

    6. This sweet potato and marshmallow bake.

    7. This strange, strange take on pho.

    8. This combination that no one asked for.

    9. And this one.

    10. This interesting take on breakfast.

    11. And this Cheeto-based "cereal".

    12. I... just...

    13. ...Why?!?!?!?

    14. These apple slices sprinkled with salt and pepper.

    15. This "corn bread".

    16. This dish I wouldn't even serve my worst enemy.

    17. This mess.

    18. Jesus Christ, why do people do so many weird things with bananas?!

    19. And cheese?!

    20. I hate the world.

    21. I'm so fucking done.

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