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    19 Times Tumblr Summed Up Insomnia

    Is that the sun?

    1. When you convince yourself that you will get to bed early and sleep the WHOLE time.

    It rarely works.

    2. But instead, this is the sad reality.

    3. When others just don't understand how hard it can be to fall asleep.

    4. When this mantra plays constantly in your head at 3 a.m.

    5. And your brain just never seems to shut off.

    6. So every night you experience a lot of ~deep~ thoughts.

    7. And while you're often tired during the day, at night you just can't seem to ever switch off.

    8. Like ever.

    9. Late night seems to be the best time for your brain to remind you of totally urgent things you were meant to be doing.

    10. And before you know it the birds are chirping.

    11. So the next day you feel like you look exactly like this...

    12. ...complete with twitching eyes.

    13. And it can be a huge battle to get through work or school.

    14. When you identified strongly with this scene in Fight Club.

    15. And when you find yourself in a weird, tired haze.

    16. When this becomes the only succinct way you can sum up your feelings.

    17. Because there's nothing romantic about not sleeping.

    18. When your brain feels like it's melted.

    19. And when you're running on 20+ hours without sleep.