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21 Things That Will Only Make Sense To People Who Grew Up Without Pets

Fish don't count.

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1. When you were younger you definitely begged your parents for a pet of some sort.


2. But due to different life circumstances, it just never seem to be the right "timing".


3. For example, they'd be like, "sorry we couldn't give you a puppy this Christmas, but next winter you'll have a new little sister!"

Ugh, that's not what I asked for.

Ugh, that's not what I asked for.

4. And then when your birthday rolled around, all they did was give you a stuffed animal.

Wow, thanks mum and dad.
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Wow, thanks mum and dad.

5. So it kinda ended up one of two ways for you and your family...

6. either got super excited when you went to someone else's house and they had a pet...

7. ...or you spent most of your time slightly terrified of them, because you weren't raised to handle that exact situation.

8. When your friends talked about their brand new pets, you had a sense of detachment from the excitement of it all.

"Wow, that's so great for you Susan, I'm so glad you get what you want."

"Wow, that's so great for you Susan, I'm so glad you get what you want."

9. Eventually you tried to think of the positive side of being a non-pet owner.


10. For one, you didn't have to clean up poop.

11. And you also didn't have to worry about another living being when you went away for extended periods of time.


12. And your only priority was making sure you washed yourself, and not a smelly, dirty dog.

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13. On the downside, you missed out on some weird, furry experience of unconditional love that only a puppy or kitten can bring.

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14. And that may have turned you a teeny bit selfish.

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15. To pacify you, your parents tried to compromise by buying you a pet fish.


16. But like, if you didn't have a water tank, they died really fast.

We've all been there.
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We've all been there.

17. And it's not like you can snuggle up with them on the lounge when you're sad.

I mean you could, but it'd be wet, and they'd die.
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I mean you could, but it'd be wet, and they'd die.

18. Also MUM AND DAD, a FISH isn't a REAL pet, we've been through this.

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19. Anyway, once you hit your teens and finished high school, you were kinda glad that you were pet-free.


20. Because it'd be super sad to leave your pet if you moved away.

And your parents, yes.

And your parents, yes.

21. But on the plus side, you now know one day you'll own a pet if you want to.


Or at least someone in your office will have one you can play with or simultaneously fear.