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    We've Finally Been Given A Longer Look At What's In Store For "Bachelor In Paradise" Australia

    Oh good God, someone is going to propose.

    Greetings my fellow trashy TV addicts. A new trailer for Bachelor In Paradise has dropped, and look... I'm hooked in already.

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    In it, we glimpse our new bachelor and bachelorettes walking up to their new Fiji home, in the hopes of finding everlasting love.

    And boy, oh boy, do they seem set to bring the drama.

    We have tears, declarations of love, a shirtless fire-twirling Apollo...

    ...more tears, Osher in a Hawaiian shirt, and more tears.

    Oh, and let's not forget the goddamn PROPOSAL that is being teased.

    While there's no set date yet, we can rest assured knowing the show is "coming soon", whatever that means in TV-land.

    Fellow Bach fans: Please chat to me further about who you think is proposing through the comments, email, Twitter DM, or carrier pigeon.