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    17 Tweets About Smashed Avo And Houses That'll Make You Laugh Or Cry, Either One

    If I give up avocado now, I can afford a house 100 years after I die.



    *At the shops* Idiot millenial: "duhhh can I have a million dollars of avocado" Me (smiling wisely): "One house please".


    A millennial just realized that if they manage to put down that avocado they can then afford a house! #millenials…


    Millennials: *eat avocado* Boomers: NO. GET A HOUSE FIRST! Millennials: *stop eating avocado* Boomers: YOU'RE KILLING THE AVOCADO INDUSTRY!


    Yesterday I had to make a big decision. Buy an avocado for toast today... or not buy an avocado every day for 448 years to afford a house.


    Barista: would you like anything else with that? Me: No thanks. Was gonna get avocado toast, but I'm trying to buy a house this year.


    you: avocado toast me, an intellectual: edible house


    Me , hauling a truck of avocados : I'll show them. I'll build my avocado house.


    Most people would save up to buy a house by forgoing avocado. Instead, I'm skipping the bread. #basiceconomics


    monthly budget: food: $200 gas: $300 savings for buying a house: $50 avocado toast: $65k someone who is good at economics please help me



    My one year-old niece is literally eating smashed avo on toast for Christmas lunch. And she will never, ever afford a house in this town.


    Roses are red I want to cry The housing market is in shambles and I will probably never be able to afford a house one day Smashed avo on rye


    Skyped friend in NZ. Her Sunday consisted of smashed avo for brunch then house hunting. Didn't have the heart to break the bad news to her..


    My generation loves brunch because it's two hours of distraction from the fact we'll never own real estate.


    I gutter stomped an avo and then felt regret when I realised that was half a house deposit.


    Australian Millionaire: Millennials can't afford a house because of smashed avo. Millennials: wE cAn'T aFfOrD a h…