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    The "Honey Badger" Was Announced As Australia's Next Bachelor And The Reaction Is, Well, Mixed

    Australia, meet your new Badgelor.

    ICYMI, last night Nick Cummins aka "Honey Badger" was announced as Australia's new Bachelor.

    Network Ten

    The rugby star is well known for his ocker nature and as the face of Tradie underwear.

    However, reactions to the announcement were mixed.

    Weird how everyone's photo of their dad from the 70s amalgamated into a living being and then became the bachelor.

    While some thought it was a great choice and he'll be a right laugh...

    @nckcmmns IS THE NEW BACHELOR AND I CAN'T BREATHE 🤣🤣🤣 @TheBachelorAU #honeybadger

    .@sophiemonk was a genius move, I’m thinking this might be as well?! 🤔#TheBachelorAU

    Nick Cummins is the 2018 bachelor and this is equally amazing and terrible news. I get to watch one of my favourite Aussie icons on TV, but I also don’t know if I can watch my dream man fall in love with someone else 😭😭😭 #TheBachelorAU

    ...others wanted the show to go back to its original formula, and stop choosing celebrities in favour of everyday people.

    ugh give me a love story of a "nobody" like tim and anna or sam and snez over another stunt celebrity casting any day. #thebachelorau

    Can't wait until the Honey Badger says that yes, he organised this helicopter ride to a secluded beaches where a candelit picnic is already set up. Will really gel well with his authentic Strayan persona.

    I miss having Bachelors that aren’t famous/from another season. I want another Tim #TheBachelorAU

    In a statement released by Network Ten, Cummins had this to say: "I'm really looking forward to throwing everything at this opportunity to find the one."

    Well, it's going to be amusing at least.

    We'll all be watching, let's not lie.

    And for anyone who's not across who the Honey Badger is, here's a handy YouTube tutorial for you:

    View this video on YouTube

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