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19 Times Luke Mitchell And Rebecca Breeds Were Ultimate Relationship Goals

Australia's most adorable exports.

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Luke Mitchell and Rebecca Breeds are former Home and Away stars, who left Australia for glitzy Hollywood.

Valerie Macon / Getty Images

They met on the set of Home and Away in 2009, and got married in 2013. Apart from being talented actors, the two also happen to be freakin' adorable and the ultimate OTP. Here's the proof.

1. When their wedding day looked like the most magical event ever.

2. Seriously though.

Goals tbh.

3. When they literally brightened up this cloudy backdrop.

4. When their height difference only made them more adorable.

5. When even randoms in the background couldn't help but stare at their combined beauty.

6. When the sun made this photo total perfection.

7. When they looked super natural and happy in this photoshoot.

8. When they were the cutest couple at the tennis.

9. When they rocked the matching sunglasses.

10. When this image just melted your heart.

11. When they were hanging with Luke's brother just looking totally adorable.

All three of them.


12. When the ferris wheel and sun in the background just knew they were blessed to be near such a happy couple.

13. When they got all glam for the Logies.

14. When Luke surprised Rebecca with roses.

15. When you couldn't tell which was more beautiful to look at, the scenery or just the two of them.

16. When they were too busy admiring each other and not the iconic Opera House.

17. When they were all chill with a beautiful ocean background.

18. When they were just casually relaxing on Lake Austin.

19. And when it was like they were the only two people in the room.