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    17 Things You'll Relate To If You're A Social Introvert

    Please just leave me to hibernate after most social events.

    1. Being a social introvert can be a slightly complex thing.

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    2. You like to be social, hang out with your friends, and have an all-round good time.


    3. But you also often need time to recharge from doing said things.


    4. You tend to socialise a lot better in smaller crowds with closer friends.

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    5. And still get quite intimidated at big parties or around people you don't know that well.


    Just because you're social, doesn't mean you can't still be shy.

    6. So socialising in general can often be a little bit stressful.


    Though more often than not, once you feel more comfortable, you have a great old time.

    7. You definitely like to know about things in advance, so you can plan your week/social energy accordingly.


    8. Because while last-minute plans can sometimes be fun, being prepared is more your vibe.


    It often means you can plan your social life accordingly, including whatever breaks you need from people in order to recharge yourself and still get alone time in.

    9. Some days you just don't feel like actually making the effort to go out and socialise.


    10. But when you get peer-pressured, more often than not you cave.


    11. Because if you stay in, you often experience a bit of FOMO.


    12. However, you're not against making up an excuse in desperate times.

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    13. Because while FOMO is a real thing, knowing your limits is even more important.


    14. Sometimes being the way you are confuses your friends.


    15. As you often go from being the life of the party, to the one that doesn't want to go AT ALL.

    16. But most of your besties understand where you're coming from.


    17. And mainly it just comes down to walking that fine line of being sociable, but still having precious alone time.


    It's a delicate balance.

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