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    21 Signs You're A Country Kid Living In The City

    Owning an Opal isn't as glamorous as what you'd think.

    1. The price of rent will always shock you.


    Even after multiple years of living in the city.

    2. You're amazed when shops stay open past 4pm on weekends.

    3. You always hold a naive hope that you'll find a parking spot.

    98% of the time you definitely won't.

    4. When you originally found out everyone caught public transport to go to work you totally judged them.

    DreamWorks Pictures

    "A train to work?? That's ridiculous!"

    5. But now you thank the gods above for the public transport system...


    6. ...Because it's a hell of a lot better than being stuck in this.

    7. You find yourself craving fresh air and landscape views.

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    Rather than pollution and skyscraper buildings.

    8. It took a very long time to get used to the fact you won't frequently run into anyone you know on the city streets.


    Walking through the streets in your hometown, you will run into at least five people you know. In the city? Not so much.

    9. Or the fact not every person on the street will smile or be polite.


    10. And the bar prices... well they're definitely not as cheap.

    Paramount Pictures

    "You want HOW much for a vodka OJ?"

    11. And let's not even talk about entry prices into clubs.

    Universal Pictures

    12. Or the fact a haircut can cost you half your weekly pay.


    Putting off getting your hair done for three months until you head home again is normal right?

    13. You've made the mistake of wanting to go out for a nice dinner, only to forget making reservations.


    That may be fine in your home town, but in the city? Booking ahead definitely saves you time.

    14. And you've learnt the lesson that offering your friend a lift home can turn into a HUGE mistake.


    What you thought may be a five minute drive can easily turn into a 45 minute one.

    15. You're easily amazed at how many different types of coffee you can order.

    16. And the fact most cafes do ALL DAY BRUNCH!

    17. Though you're never used to the fact your favourite cafe can easily have a 45 minute wait on weekends.

    Warner Bros

    City people really love brunch. It's a fact.

    18. It took you a while to get used to all your incredible shopping options.

    Paramount Pictures

    You'll probably still head to Myer or Target out of pure habit to begin with.

    19. Though you still use the phrases "heading downtown" or "heading into town" when you talk about going into the city.


    20. You eventually grow to love the bustling streets and city vibe.


    21. But you'll never forget where you came from.

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