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    21 Times Aussies Were Savage As Fuck

    Masters of clapbacks.

    1. When Lee Lin Chin clapped back to Pauline Hanson.

    2. When this is the title someone gave their Wi-Fi.

    3. When this comeback was too perfect.

    Channel 10

    4. When these two newsreaders started fighting over the colour white.

    who knew that watching two women fight over the fact they're all wearing white would be so amazing

    5. When Christopher Pyne allegedly said cunt... or grub... in parliament.

    6. When Gamble from Real Housewives of Melbourne shared this desire.


    7. And when this exchange happened.

    8. When this killer burn was uttered.

    9. And when this chap decided there was no point in exchanging pleasantries.

    10. When the votes for the 2016 election looked a little like this.

    11. When Derek had no fucking time for anyone.

    The Daily Advertiser

    12. When The Veronicas had this epic clapback to a hater.

    13. When Laurie Oakes opened up his interview with Malcolm Turnbull like this, after the White House got Turnbull's name and title wrong.

    Network Nine
    Network Nine

    14. When our version of The Bachelor looked like this.

    Channel 10

    15. When this accurately summed up Aussie dialect.

    16. When Belinda was savage af.

    Channel 10
    Channel 10

    17. When we really didn't give two fucks about Redfoo.

    18. Or Nemo for that matter.

    19. When we had absolutely no time for Robin Thicke.

    20. Or Pitbull.

    21. And let's not forget the most savage Australian of us all, that doesn't even need to say a damn word.

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