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16 Types Of Envy All Twentysomethings Have Experienced

"Oh you're going to Europe? I'm going to...go cry. In my room. Alone."

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1. When your friends are travelling overseas on epic adventures and you're watching it all unfold via social media at work.


2. Alternatively, when your friend lands their dream job, while you're still trying to figure out what your dream job is.


3. When someone's Instagram just nails that healthy and happy work-life balance.


4. When you're still studying and feel like you're never going to leave university.


5. When your favourite band is touring for a festival, but aren't doing any sideshows.

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Do you fork out all those $$ or pray that they'll come back soon?

6. When someone your age puts down a house deposit.


7. When you meet someone who went to a bunch of parties on the weekend and you're like, "I watched eight hours of Netflix?"


8. Or when someone your age buys a new car, new pet, or basically new anything that you can't afford at this time.

9. When a friend moves overseas for a new job opportunity.


10. When you see someone in a super-cute, brand-new relationship.


That honeymoon period.

11. When someone your age has a baby, and you don't want a child, but think maybe your sibling or someone should have one...

Disney you too can take adorable selfies with a little chubby human.

12. When you meet a naturally happy, bubbly person who never seems to get tired or irritable.


Do I miss out on fun things because I'm not super sparkly and bubbly?!

13. When you see people who were teeny year seven students when you left school turning 21 and you're like, "TAKE ME BACK TO MY YOUTH!"


14. When you realise you're constantly comparing yourself to other people your age unfairly...


15. you make a mental note to stress less...


16. ...and you realise that people are probably getting FOMO about the awesome things in your life, too.