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Guys, Tara May Have Accidentally Revealed Whether Or Not She Won "The Bachelor"

Enter at your own risk, there are spoilers in here.

Hi! You've clicked on this article because you saw the words "Tara", "The Bachelor", and you want to know if our queen has won the whole goddamn thing.

Network 10

OK, you're here now, so it seems pointless to say: But there are potential SPOILERS in this post. I swear to God if you read this whole thing, and then angrily comment about spoilers, I'll never talk to you again.

So, Tara was having a chat to Pippa & Jimi from Dubbo's hit93.5 and here's what went down.

They asked Tara about the rumours floating around about a waiter/bartender called Derek. ICYMI, Derek was a bartender on the show who said Tara slipped him her number during a cocktail party. He also said he's asked her out on a date, and that they message each other.

Going on a tangent about old mate Derek, Tara said, and I quote, "I didn't give him my number in the house. I ran into him the weekend I got eliminated, in Newtown."

Wait, sorry, what now Tara?!

Network 10

Tara continued on the spiel of running into bartender Derek, seemingly unaware she had dropped a big old hint.

When asked if she was still on the show, Tara said "yes".

Network 10

The following convo went like this:

Jimi: "What position did you come on the show, Tara?"

Tara: "Um, I won!"

Jimi: "But you said you got eliminated in Newtown!"

Tara: "Huh?"

Jimi: "You said before, 'I got eliminated in Newtown'."

Tara: "I didn't get eliminated in Newtown! When the show ended, I was out in Newtown."

Hmmmm, not sure about this one Tara.

Network 10

We all know the finale was filmed in Thailand. So the fact Tara was hanging around Newtown after she "left the house" could mean she will be eliminated tonight.

Listen to the whole chat here and do let me know what you think old chaps.

  1. Do you think Tara accidentally put her foot in it?

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Do you think Tara accidentally put her foot in it?
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    100%! She accidentally let that slip.
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    Nah, she totally knew what she was doing. She's trolling us.