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    Tumblr Reacts To Zayn Malik Leaving One Direction

    "We will miss you so much angel."

    Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know by now Zayn Malik, owner of dreamy vocals and piercing eyes, has left One Direction.

    Can 1D fans even live?

    1. The internet is basically in melt-down mode. Tumblr included.

    2. You'd nearly think Zayn was no longer in this world at all.

    3. Though some wanted to point out the obvious.

    4. Every sign is broken-hearted.

    5. "I'll always remember you."

    6. The tears will never stop flowing.

    7. Candlelit vigils were held.

    8. Some people wanted to express their gratitude.

    9. While others... well, they may never be whole again.

    10. If the world ended, we would have NEVER HAD TO DEAL WITH THIS.

    11. You can almost hear the thousands of hearts breaking.

    12. "You were my favourite hello and hardest goodbye."

    13. "This was One Direction."

    14. Some wished it were a hoax.

    15. While others spotted some truth-bombs.

    16. And a few were happy to look on the bright side.

    17. Some were even able to find humour in the dark.

    18. But one thing will always remain... the fandom will always love Zayn.

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