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Here's What Happened In Case You Missed "The Bachelor" Australia, Episode 8

Picnics, fish, and yoga oh my!

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The Solo Date:

Network 10

Olena was really not expecting the single date, much like the rest of us, because we all forgot she existed for a hot second there.

Richie expanded his vocabulary, calling Olena mysterious and saying he was fascinated by her, which sure beats the usual “amazing!” and “wow!”

The two played the most boring Q&A of all time, as they connected on a ~deeper~ level and I definitely connected on a deeper level with my bottle of sav blanc. They went on perhaps the 132nd picnic of this season so far, and talked about feelings which was SO FUN TO WATCH. SO FUN! Oh, and Pash Bandit Richie struck again.

The Group Date:

Network 10

The girls literally expressed excitement to go to the Sydney fish markets, and picking out seafood to COOK FOR RICHIE. Well, we did test the baby-handling skills already, better get onto the rest of the domestic ones. Can’t wait to watch next week’s group date when they see who can vacuum the Bachelor pad the fastest.

“Get to it hey,” Richie encourages the girls, and I’m honestly surprised no one punched him in his dimpled chin.

Rachael and Noni won the food contest and as a prize they got to experience the most awkward third-party date ever. "Just let it happen," Richie told Noni when she couldn't swallow... her oyster.

The SECOND Solo Date:

Network 10

Keira got a solo date! And got to do yoga! Which for some reason she was all about, so she was happy for a change. Well until, Richie decided they didn't have connection and sent her home, which I mean, why the fuck are we meant to keep watching now?!

The Cocktail Party:

Network 10

Osher came in and told the ladies Keira was gone, and they all tried to look shocked while failing at masking their smiles. As a mum Alex waved her white rose around to remind everyone she has it.

Richie caused waves when he took Nikki AWAY from the cocktail area to a private area, and Alex cried because private areas are meant to be HER thing with Richie. Erm, well you know what I mean.