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    Posted on 3 Nov 2015

    27 Feelings Aussie Kids Of Today Wouldn't Get

    They never, never felt like this.

    1. The joy of handing over $5 and getting change when you ordered a McFlurry.

    2. The excitement of ordering some delicious potato smiles from the school canteen.

    3. The happiness of knowing a single dollar coin could buy you a Paddle Pop and give you enough change for some Ghost Drops.

    4. The feeling of having just one Prime Minister for basically your whole childhood.

    Ian Waldie / Getty Images

    5. The frustration of your parents booting you off the Internet because they needed to use the phone.

    6. The stress of picking the right movie from Civic or Video Ezy to watch on a Saturday night.

    Twitter: @wade_wadie

    7. Losing your shit when your mum or dad bought you chips, so you could add to your Tazo collection.

    8. Sympathising hard with poor little Jessica.

    9. Taking delight in being that annoying family member that would sing "NO, GARY NO" to any relative that was a smoker.

    10. And totally relating to the wish of wanting a "never-ending packet of Tim Tams."

    View this video on YouTube

    11. Being constantly entertained by the ABC, from Rage...


    12. The Ferals...


    13. ...and of course, Round The Twist .


    14. The excitement of Bardot's first single after their rise to fame on Popstars.

    Youtube: BardotBabe / Via

    15. And of course, a few years later, the addiction to Australian Idol.


    16. Graduating from Video Hits to Channel V and feeling instantly cooler and more alternative.

    Channel V

    Hey, it seemed grungier at the time.

    17. The suspense of trying to figure out who the Summer Bay stalker was.

    Channel Seven

    18. And being on edge watching The Mole, trying to figure out who the hell it could be. / Creative Commons

    19. Eagerly saving up your pocket money to buy TV Hits and Smash Hits for all the goss and babin' posters.

    20. Feeling super sneaky reading Dolly Doctor to learn about all the sex-related things you couldn't ask your parents.

    21. The satisfaction of collecting these bad boys every year. / Creative Commons

    22. The joy of burning a CD with absolutely no errors.

    23. The stress of deciding which one of your classmates or fave bands should get your "luv" on Bebo.

    Bebo / Via

    You only had three a day.

    24. And of course the thrill of seeing all your new notifications on MySpace.

    Twitter: @_ESEKnowsBest

    25. The annoyance of trying to get the perfect selfie on webcam for your Myspace profile...


    ...because your flip phone definitely couldn't take a good pic.

    26. The pure, unadulterated happiness when you got one of these for your birthday.

    27. And the thrill of only needing to drive 50 hours to obtain your red P's.

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