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    16 Times Gina Liano From "Real Housewives Of Melbourne" Was A Total Boss

    "I deal in fact, not friction."

    1. When she was first introduced to us with this badass tagline.

    2. When she called it before anyone else could.

    3. When she proved with a simple hair toss just how fabulous she is.

    4. When she perfectly summed up any petty drama on the show.

    5. When she created an excellent new insult.

    6. When she shut Andrea's pettiness down with one simple comment.

    7. When she ignored Andrea's epic rant in season one with this priceless reaction.

    8. When she gave epic side-eye and let everyone else make fools out of themselves.

    9. When she decided to play tennis in this attire and just DGAF.

    10. When she prioritised correctly.

    11. When she was as sassy AF.

    12. When she just didn't want to deal with the negative vibes.

    13. When her face just said it all.

    14. When she created an excellent new metaphor to describe her friendships.

    15. When she managed to get the last say.

    16. And when she once and for all proved that you wouldn't want to mess with Gina Liano.

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