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    19 Kinda Random Gift Ideas From Kmart

    Gifts that won't break the budget.

    All items in this post are listed in Australian dollars.

    1. Personalised jars of Vegemite.

    2. This Magic 8 ball that can make all of life's hard decisions for you.

    3. A portable charger for your friend who always chews up their phone battery.

    Buy it for $10.

    4. This pretty glass dome that will brighten up any room.

    5. Just a bunch of lollies.

    6. Or this party bucket of Maltesers.

    Buy this delicious treat for $10.

    7. This 2017 planner that will make anyone actually want to be organised.

    8. This scent diffuser.

    Buy it for $10.

    9. Workout gear that will actually make exercise feel exciting.

    10. Reversible cushion covers to suit any mood.

    11. Or these adorable fruit-themed ones.

    12. This faux plant for your mate who's always going to be living in an apartment.

    13. Cookbooks jam-packed with recipes.

    14. This colouring book for the mad Harry Potter fan in your life.

    Buy it for $15.

    15. This ideal Secret Santa present.

    16. This marble tealight holder that will class up any home office.

    17. And this candle holder.

    18. This ingenious noise machine for the prankster in your life.

    Buy it for $8.

    19. And of course, board games.

    If you're willing to pay $20+, it's hard to go wrong with a board game. Both games are $25 each.

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