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    This Is Exactly How Many Spiders In Australia Can Kill You

    Incy wincy spider...

    Australia is famous for being home to dangerous animals and insects - with huge, terrifying spiders putting many people off coming to the country.

    So how many spiders in Australia can actually kill you?

    Technically the answer is two... but don't start packing your bags to flee the country just yet!

    The redback spider and the funnel-web spider have both caused fatalities in the past.

    Auscape / Getty Images

    The Redback spider

    Ian Waldie / Getty Images

    The Funnel-web spider

    However, antivenoms for both species were created in 1956 and 1980 respectively. Billy Collett, head of the spider department at the Australian Reptile Park, told BuzzFeed that since 1979 there have been no recorded deaths from either types of spiders.

    That's right - no spiders in Australia have actually killed anyone in over 30 years.

    But, it's always important to be alert and aware when it comes to these two species.

    The funnel-web in particular is highly dangerous and according to the Australian Reptile Park, are capable of causing death in as little as 15 minutes. Curator Liz Vella stresses the importance of a first aid kit as well as a spider safety kit.

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