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17 Things All Girls Who Can't Get Away Without Having A Fringe Will Understand

Can I grow out my fringe? Probably not.

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2. And other kids starting Kindergarten had some kind of bangs/fringe thing going on anyway.

Or some other questionable haircut.


4. Because when you pulled your fringe back and looked in the mirror, a big old five-finger forehead was staring back at you.

me after taking pics nd Realizing how big my nose & Fivehead looks

5. It doesn't mean you didn't TRY to grow your fringe out out some stage.

A battle.

7. But essentially it was easier to feel comfortable with some kind of bangs or side-fringe thing happening.

8. And chances are when you did try to grow your bangs out, somehow you just didn't master the look quite like Rihanna.

Hairdresser: "I thought we were trying to grow this part out."

Me: "Yeah, same."

Hairdresser: "What happened?"

Me: "My forehead stares at me everywhere I go and it turns out it's way bigger than Rihanna's anyway. "

10. You definitely envied other females who could get away with just switching up their hairstyles.