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    17 Things All Girls Who Can't Get Away Without Having A Fringe Will Understand

    Can I grow out my fringe? Probably not.

    1. Growing up you never realised your forehead was abnormally large, coz your parents probably gave you a sweet bowl cut or something similar.


    2. And other kids starting Kindergarten had some kind of bangs/fringe thing going on anyway.

    3. It was probably when you reached double-digits and people had started growing out their bangs that you realised what was really happening.

    4. Because when you pulled your fringe back and looked in the mirror, a big old five-finger forehead was staring back at you.

    me after taking pics nd Realizing how big my nose & Fivehead looks

    5. It doesn't mean you didn't TRY to grow your fringe out out some stage.

    6. And hey, maybe you even got used to, and embraced your five-head situation.

    The CW

    Which I may add, is FANTASTIC, because own that shit.

    7. But essentially it was easier to feel comfortable with some kind of bangs or side-fringe thing happening.

    8. And chances are when you did try to grow your bangs out, somehow you just didn't master the look quite like Rihanna.

    Hairdresser: "I thought we were trying to grow this part out."

    Me: "Yeah, same."

    Hairdresser: "What happened?"

    Me: "My forehead stares at me everywhere I go and it turns out it's way bigger than Rihanna's anyway. "

    9. You were rocking a side-fringe before the whole '00s trend.


    10. You definitely envied other females who could get away with just switching up their hairstyles.

    11. Oh and that slicked-back pony vibe? It turns into a whole forehead show.

    The CW

    Throw a spotlight on that bad boy.

    12. Every time you hear a friend say "I think I want bangs, but idk if I'll regret them" you have to pretend like this is a hard choice.

    13. Because if you're anything like me, you're stuck with yours forever.


    I can't embrace the naked forehead, I'm sorry, I just can't.

    14. BUT. On the plus side, as you get older you realise having a fringe TOTALLY has benefits.


    15. Got a pimple on your forehead? All good, coz it's automatically covered.


    16. And when the time comes you won't even know if you have forehead wrinkles coz you can't even see that shit.

    Screen Gems

    17. So maybe having a five-finger forehead isn't that bad after all.

    ABC Family

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