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    We Watched Episode 12, Season 6 Of "Pretty Little Liars And Had A Lot Of Thoughts

    Basically everyone's being shady. SPOILERS.

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    1. OK so Charlotte's funeral was held in the place that she died. THEN they all go hang out at the place where she lived for 10 years that apparently made her crazy???

    2. This town, honestly.

    3. Aria is acting shady AF.

    4. "That night." Oh god. Another "that night". It's happening all over again.

    5. I'm getting trauma flashbacks.


    7. OK but what happened to her and what are they hiding? Last I remember was Emily punching her???? That can't be it?!

    8. Can we just talk about the fact Hanna judged Sara for lying? IRONY.

    9. Aria reckons she just had to go to the car for her phone charger uh-huh.

    10. Y u always lyin.gif

    11. Whoa she is being so salty to Hanna rn.

    12. I bet Aria just went and banged Ezra and doesn't want anyone to know because she's seeing that Liam guy now.

    13. Caleb and Olivia Benson chilling out together, no biggie.

    14. "Some bloggers in Rosewood.."



    17. I bet Mona wrote that blog about Spencer.

    18. Is Mona Gossip Girl?

    19. After a kinda disjointed premiere, this feels like the same old Pretty Little Liars.

    20. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.


    21. Ugh god Spaleb is really going to be a thing hey, stop this.

    22. I don't think they've banged yet but they probably want to.




    26. She's so shady I don't get it.

    27. Wait. She has severe burns?

    28. What happened?!

    29. Was this covered in the show? Or is it the new mystery?

    30. I'm so confused, everything is a blur.

    31. P.S. If Jenna could fake being blind, Sara "Shower" Harvey can fake being burned.

    32. Oh cool, so Lorenzo's still just here then I guess.

    33. Wait so Ali and Lorenzo aren't banging anymore I assume?

    34. Lol remember when that was a thing.

    35. Bring back Holbrook tbh.

    36. I hope Ali did the murder.

    37. That would be the only way to redeem her character at this point.

    38. In that her character is a psychopath, and this ooey gooey Ali does not make any sense.


    40. "Joooordan," Hanna says in the most unenthused voice.


    42. Is it meant to be British???

    43. Oh wait, it's an Australian one, awkward.

    44. Why do we sound so weird on American shows ugh.

    45. Jordan is kinda adorable tho.

    46. Like, no way are these two endgame, but he's sweet.


    47. Aria shows up at Ezra's door and I suddenly got hit with big wave of déjà vu.

    48. Ezra still has bad stubble, must still be an alcoholic.

    49. Also looks like Ezra doesn't give a flying fuck about Aria. Or anything tbh.

    50. They totally banged THAT NIGHT.

    51. Miss Aria you're a killer not Ezra's wife.

    52. Makes u think.

    53. OH FUCK.

    54. EMILY'S SICK.

    55. No Em pls don't be sick.

    56. If they fucking kill off Emily I s2g I'm going to be so pissed.

    57. What's wrong with her?!??!

    58. Alison's angry Aria left town to go do her job so she thinks she's guilty. Sure Ali, the tiniest girl in your group broke your psycho sister's neck.

    59. Oh the rose was in Charlotte's hand to make it "look like suicide"?

    60. The rose from ALI'S HOUSE?

    61. That only, say, ALI AND DR ROLLINS HAD ACCESS TO?!

    62. Ali did it, Ali did it, Ali did it.

    63. Alison: "Come to dinner tonight you guys, and Hanna I'm inviting your fiancé and your ex because that's normal and not weird."

    64. Where are Kenny D Trap Lord and Beautiful Jason tho.

    65. Oh here's Aria at work, just casually placing Ezra's book on her desk.

    66. Of course she's in another secret relationship.

    67. She sure has a type.

    68. Like, this guy looks exactly like Ezra.

    69. It's like Clark Kent, but when you take off his glasses he's Ezra instead of Superman.

    70. But like season 1 Ezra, not stubbly, alcoholic Ezra.

    71. Fuck Aria. Learn a lesson.

    72. Oh! Emily's talking to a female.

    73. Must be her new love interest.

    74. Just so you know guys, Emily can't pay for her parking ticket which means she's obvs broke.

    75. Broke and sick.

    76. Broke and sick and her dad died honestly wtf I. Marlene.

    77. That's what happens when you're a lesbian on a TV show, your life falls apart.


    78. We need to talk about why Hanna's weird Aussie fiancé wants to go have dinner with her psycho friend and ex-boyfriend so much.

    79. But also I can't take him seriously at all with that accent.

    80. And who takes sushi or Thai to someone else's dinner party?! That's straight up rude/weird.

    81. I… I think I'm starting to ship Spaleb?

    82. Oh god…

    83. But… they DO have chemistry.

    84. I never noticed this before?!

    85. Meanwhile Spencer's papers always getting her into trouble.

    86. Seriously though she had an assignment where she had to write about MURDER?

    87. Mmm this erotic talk about dead bodies between Caleb and Spencer, COUPLE GOALS.

    88. Caleb to Spencer: "This is all a coincidence." Really bae. Really? NOTHING IN ROSEWOOD IS EVER A COINCIDENCE.

    89. Fucking hell Caleb, I mean you even lived in Ravenswood, you fool.

    90. So Aria decides to go back to Rosewood to "talk" to Ezra about his book.

    91. How convenient.

    92. Emily's definitely going to get it on with this mysterious blonde lady at The Brew.

    93. Oh wait, is she the one who supplied Spencer with those pot gummi bears that greedy Toby ate all at once and then got high AF and was even worse at doing his job than usual?

    94. Speaking of, where is old mate Toby?

    95. Still building that house, carving Spencer's name into every single board, probably.

    96. Ali's gathering is literally the worst dinner party I have ever seen.

    97. And that's not even because there's no wine yet.

    98. The wine moms probably drank it all tbh.

    99. Also why wasn't Toby invited?

    100. Hanna got to bring her ex AND her fiancé?

    101. He's got to take a break from trying to be Ryan Gosling at some point.

    102. Does Emily have diabetes? She looked kinda suss when she mentioned it just then.

    103. Oh damn Spencer and Caleb really are cute though. I THINK I SHIP IT.

    104. Except I don't want guys to come between the girls. COME ON.

    105. They need to sort this shit out asap pls my heart can't take it.

    106. Meanwhile Aria tells Ezra 2.0 "I know Ezra, he was my teacher". Like yeah girl you know him, he gave you a D.

    107. Hanna and Caleb are being so adult and mature about this whole thing.

    108. What's this table talk though?

    109. Oh god they're still in love, I KNOW IT.

    110. Spaleb who???

    111. Oh, cool, Lorenzo is STILL a thing then.

    112. "Let's say grace." Wait Ali, who even are you?

    113. Oh. OH.

    114. She just threw shade via prayer oh my god.

    115. I'm so glad psychopath Ali is back.

    116. I missed her.

    117.That look she gave Hanna though.


    118. Meanwhile, Emily just straight out lied to her mum about grad school and Pam looks so damn excited for her.

    119. #JusticeForPam.

    120. So what has Emily spent all her dad's cash on? Her illness?!


    122. Sneaking into Rosewood and straight up to Ezra, just ignoring your girls mmhmmm.

    123. These two DEFINITELY got it on.

    124. Sure, she came back for his "book".

    125. Comes for the book, stay for the creepy secret love affair.

    126. Oh, Ezra's drinking alcohol. Just as a reminder that he's "lost the plot".

    127. But why is he being so shady about this book?

    128. What's on the USB drive?

    129. Shit, Aria suspects EZRA of the murder?

    130. Well it's obviously not him then.

    131. Oh god Caleb and Spencer.

    132. They totally banged in Europe.

    133. "Sangria" and "sunrise" are just code words for "dirty drunk sex".

    134. Uggggggh the way they look at each other is actually very cute.

    135. But also why bother making him sleep on the couch when you know you're going to being doing the frick frack very soon.

    136. Hanna, Spencer and Emily doing detective work on Aria.

    137. I like how they had to zoom in so much on this security footage to recognize Ezra.

    138. You know, their friend's ex-boyfriend and their ex-teacher.

    139. Who they've known for years.

    140. "OMG it's Ezra!"

    141. OH SHIT, oh that dude, OF COURSE.

    142. All he needs to do is add glasses and they'd be like OMG IT'S LIAM.

    143. Three against one I don't like this.

    144. The PLL should never be divided.

    145. Poor Aria, all she wanted was pizza.

    146. Give the girl her drunk food.

    147. But also, is there an hour missing there? WHAT WERE THEY DOING FOR AN HOUR?

    148. Oh who am I kidding they were banging.


    149. OMG IS THAT A RED COAT?????

    150. Oh it's a red jacket.

    151. Is that what Red Coat wears in milder weather?

    152. But also IS that Charlotte?

    153. The amount of times in the last six seasons where we've thought someone was Ali/CeCe/A and it's been someone else entirely.

    154. OMG the red jacket is the new yellow top.

    155. There were actually 12 blondes in red jackets out that night.

    156. OK so Aria's flashback makes Ezra look so damn shady.

    157. So that means that he definitely ISN'T guilty.

    158. He probably just saw an open liquor store behind the church.

    159. Spencer is really enjoying talking about this murder.

    160. Like if she doesn't want anyone to think she's suss she should probably stop telling half of Rosewood?


    162. Shay slaaaayed this scene of Emily talking to her dad's grave.

    163. I was really getting into that until Shower Harvey showed up.

    164. You ain't going to find showers in the graveyard.

    165. But lol at her keeping the EXACT SAME haircut for 5 years.

    166. This "book" is weird even for Ezra tbh.

    167. Idk why he's so sad though, surely he was about to break up with this girl because she wasn't a teenager anymore.

    168. Also I love that they created that character JUST to kill her off.

    169. So it turns out that Hanna has never watched a TV show or movie in HER LIFE, or you know, paid any attention to her dealings with the cops before because when you delete security footage, you look hella fucking guilty.

    170. Great work Hanna, this definitely won't come back to bite you on the ass.

    171. I've lost track of how many times I've groaned in this episode.

    172. On the plus side at least she has Aria's back.


    173. Ali's called Lorenzo back this can't be good.

    174. Yes, Lorenzo is STILL here, looks like he's not going anywhere.

    175. What happened to Tanner though?

    176. Alison you little crazy snitch.

    177. Snitches get stitches, don't you remember that girl?

    178. OMG what if she was faking it all along and this was all a long con for her to fuck with the Liars. SHE'S BEEN PLANNING IT FOR YEARS.

    179. I would be into that tbh.

    180. OMG.

    181. IS THIS A NEW "A" ENDING.

    182. Goddamn I'm sucked in once again.

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